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Website Backup Scenario From Our SEO Company Miami Team


Imagine this scenario….you have just spent hundreds, if not thousands on a brand new website. The images are sharp, the site is built well and everything is quick and easy to find. A week or so later your email becomes compromised because you clicked on something you shouldn’t have, or perhaps an employee accidentally didn’t update your website. In the span of just a few minutes, your website has been hacked and all of your website goes down with all the time and money spent with it. This is where website backups come in…


What Are Website Backups?


Here at MyCity Social, we are pretty serious about website backups. This term simply means the creation of a copy of your website at a given time. A duplicate if you will, that is stored and readily available should you need it. By having a copy of your website, even if your website was to go down tomorrow, an exact copy of it would be put up quickly o ensure minimal downtime. With businesses, time is money, and so is your website. For every second your website is down, you could be losing a potential customer. Backups allow this to not be a problem and can keep your online presence running smoothly in case of any accidents or hacks.


How Much Will This Cost?

Our SEO Company Miami plans all come standard with backups. Depending on the package you choose, you will have copies of your website made at certain intervals. In the world we live in, it is ideal to have backups made often and consistently.


What Happens If I Don’t Listen & Don’t Use Backups?


If you decide not to have our SEO Company Miami team create backups, then you will lose part or all of your website easily if any hacks occur or if your website is not being properly maintained.


What Are My Website Backup Options?


If you sign up for our basic SEO package, you can expect one backup of your website to be made per month. With our Master Plan and Elite Packages backups move to weekly and daily! This is a considerable value as if your website has been compromised, you want the freshest backup possible in order to not lose any updates, changes or content you may have placed in your website recently. If your backup is a month old, the site version from 30 days prior is what you will have to use when installed.


Contact Our SEO Company Miami Locals Trust Today!


Do not make the mistake of not having our professional team on your side. We include website backups in all of our plans for a reason. We are passionate about all of the work we do to help small business owners make a statement on the web. Contact us today if you have any questions or would like to learn more about our SEO packages.


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