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Ah Yes! SEO: the business world´s number one hope for online success. Many companies claim they can help you get better rankings and in the first pages of Google without proving it. At MyCity Social, we have many SEO Orlando experts who can help and prove it. Today, we are going to give you the most important tips you SEO manager should know.

Understanding Loading Time

If you are still seeing an hourglass, or a waiting circle, your load time is way too slow. Also, if your photos don’t come up right away, it is slowing down your site. One would think waiting 3 seconds is nothing, but with the world having need for speed, your site should be up and running in 1 second. If people wait, they may leave or never come back. So, if you have something slowing down your site, remove it or replace it with something faster. All optimization managers need to know this.

Our SEO Manager Says Links Building Is Still Important

Link trading is still immensely important.  Previously you were able to ask, trade, set up on each other´s site and that was it….and you had an ugly page full of links. Here is the best way to trade links or get backlinks to your site: Let’s say you have a travel site. You want to ask another travel site for a backlink. Instead of asking, first write a well, respected blog recommending their site on your site. Chances are they will return the favor. You definitely should try for authoritative sites, but never forget the little guy. They have excellent potential, too.

Use Meta Tags Correctly

Businesses who don’t use SEO companies often ignore meta tags, but not our Orlando SEO experts. Tell your manager meta tags are what search engines see compared to your website content. They are inside your website builder. In meta tags, you write descriptions and keywords of what your website is about and you can and should write different ones for different pages and for different blog posts. This may be the most important for your rankings. This can be very confusing as well. Ask what our Orlando SEO experts can do for you.

Use Social Media

All businesses should use Linkedin, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. However, if you use each, you should also be present using them daily. This is time consuming and if you are running a small business and have little time, it is worth your while to hire someone or a SEO company to do this for you. If I type in the name of your business and you have these social media sites, you have a very good chance of hitting number 1 in Google via these sites, especially when using them daily.

Use Captions and Good Keywords in Your Images

Many managers and experts forget to use captions or keywords in images. It is very useful to describe your photos, and then use your keyword in your meta tags. Your SEO manager should know other important factors as well such as creating an easy URL and creating daily and unique content. Our experts in Orlando are readily available. Call now or contact us at


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