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When you see videos from New York, Moscow, and Tokyo, what do you often see? You see thousands of people rushing somewhere, usually to work. These are fast-paced cities. Our world has become impatient and this is why your website speed matters. Luckily, there is MyCity Social, an SEO optimization company in Tampa that can show you how to have a faster website.

People Are Impatient

I was with a friend of mine at a Burger King drive through. There were 6 cars in front of us and after 30 seconds he said, (about the car directly in front) “What the #$%& is this guy doing?” He had no choice to wait and apparently my friend thought if he bumped the car in front of him, the food would come out quicker. Unfortunately, people hate to wait, and when it comes to websites, it is a matter of seconds. Waiting more than 3 seconds for websites makes people impatient. So, you need a fast website or your business could suffer the results.

User Experience Matters With SEO Optimization

If you have slow speed on your website, your customers will get frustrated. If you have frustrated customers, you will not have return customers.

Your SEO Tampa experts can show you how speed can also help your site ranking. Believe it or not, Google and other search engines rank your site better if it is faster.

So, What Can You Do To Make Your Website Faster?

Our SEO Tampa programmers will tell you that you need to remove anything on your website that makes it slow. Maybe your videos or photos are taking too long to load. We can fix that for you.

I have often signed up for websites where I pushed the submit button and the webpage continued to load. Many computers have a “time out” when you have to cancel your wait and often start all over again. I understand sometimes there can be problems, but if it happens a second time, I will more than likely not sign up.

How can you Check Your Speed?

There are a variety of ways, but one of the best is Google Analytics; Within Google Analytics is an area called Site Speed Overview. Site Speed Overview gives you information about how long it takes your average customers to load your website. If it happens that you have slow loading images for speed, Site Speed Overview can actually tell you which ones are the problems and you can change them.

Google has a grading system for your website which ranges from 0-100. Receiving a score of 85 means your website performs well and as you would expect, a score of 100 means there is no waiting.

I’m sure you have seen many advertisements saying they can help you make your website speeds faster. Our SEO Tampa experts have helped numerous businesses with their website speed, SEO optimization and Google rankings as well as many other SEO optimizations. It’s their job. Don´t wait another second. You know you don’t want to. Call right now and talk with our optimization experts right now or contact us at


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