Owning a business is exciting. It provides you with a chance to share your expertise, talents, or services with others. As any business owner knows, it can be challenging to get your name out there and to reach your target customer base. This process is where SEO can be beneficial. MyCity Social provides some of the best SEO services Tampa has to offer. SEO is crucial in helping your business show up on the first search results page. As is the case with many technological advances, people often misunderstand SEO. Before we can debunk SEO misinformation, we must first help you understand the basics of SEO. 


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of making your website appear high on the search engine results page (SERP). Most people do not look past the first page of results, meaning that the best way to increase your website’s visibility is by getting it on this first page. Our services help you achieve this goal by creating and editing web content that utilizes the proper metrics and techniques. Our SEO specialists will work on your whole website to improve its quality, focusing not just on content but also on backend settings and systems. Using specialized software, an SEO specialist finds the most effective ways, including targeted keywords, to make your website rank higher on SERPs. There are other benefits as well. One added benefit is improving the readability of your website, which enhances the visitor’s experience. Websites that do not create a reasonable user experience rate poorly on search engines and can cause a potentially interested customer to turn to another company with a similar service. Our specialists also utilize skilled web designers, and these designers can help maintain your website, keeping it up-to-date to reflect the latest SEO practices.  


Top 5 Examples Of SEO Misinformation

The popularity of SEO has increased as its helpfulness in driving website traffic has become understood. With good SEO practices emerging, some harmful practices have also emerged. These harmful practices lend themselves to spreading myths, which are then perpetuated by people who are not SEO experts. While SEO has become more data-driven in recent years, some misconceptions still exist. Here are the most common ones that we hear from potential customers:

  1. Social signals impact your website ranking.
  2. SEO is dead.
  3. Duplicate content on your website affects your rank negatively.
  4. Content reigns supreme.
  5. Keyword research does not matter.

We will debunk each of these misconceptions below.

First, it is important to note that while these are the most common examples, many more SEO myths exist. SEO can be challenging to get right, and it is changing and evolving all the time. It is this constant evolution that creates misconceptions and myths spread by well-intended but misinformed bloggers. Hiring an SEO professional helps keep you ahead of the curve and can help you navigate the ever-changing world of SEO. If you live in Florida, consider using our team. MyCity Social is one of the most highly rated and widely recognized SEO services Tampa has to offer.


Debunking The Myths

  1. Social signals such as likes, dislikes, shares, views, votes, and retweets should impact your website ranking. It would make sense that if you have many followers on social media and can drive more traffic to your website from these social accounts, your search rankings will be better. However, social media actions do not directly impact your SERP ranking. There are a few reasons why social media does not directly affect your rating. For one, a company can buy followers. Companies can purchase lists of people who have bought or are interested in buying their goods and services. Companies can also coerce likes and comments from their followers by using “follow for follow” or “like and comment to enter a giveaway” methods.

Social media may not directly impact your company’s SERP ranking, but social media can affect your visibility on search engines. Your visibility can increase if individual posts or content show up in organic searches because they rank for keywords associated with your company or include your company name. Google or other search engines may also index Twitter or Pinterest content relevant to search results. 


  1. SEO is far from dead. It is evolving, especially as Google’s search algorithm changes. While SEO is far from over, two of the most popular techniques are outdated. For instance, stuffing websites and posts with specific keywords can do more harm than good. Filling a post with too many keywords or having them occur repeatedly can cause Google to mark your site as spam, negatively impacting your SERP rank. Also, filling a page with keywords can decrease its readability, affecting user experience. We will discuss this process further below. Another outdated technique is producing a mass amount of low-quality content for your website. Google praises professional and high-quality content, ranking websites higher for content that is well-written and sounds natural.


  1. Duplicate content on your website no longer negatively impacts your site because Google’s definition of quality content has changed. It is usual for most sites to contain some duplicate content. If your site includes some of the same information on multiple pages, Google omits those duplicate pages from its search results. Duplicate content helps create cohesiveness across a site, while blog posts covering similar topics can help show your authority on the subject. If you want a unique result, your content must also be unique. While Google rewards duplicate content, they penalize content copy and pasted from another source.


  1. Your content is no longer king. Your audience is. The content you create needs to be helpful to them. Great content does matter, and the better your content, the better your visibility. The best content is clear and precise, acting as a guide to your visitors. If your visitor cannot understand your language or even the services you offer, they may search elsewhere. Your content should answer their questions, not create more. Websites that take a long time to load, use confusing language, or contain large chunks of text that lower the readability reflect poorly on your company. Your website is what gives your audience its first impression of your company. Make the first impression a good one.


  1. Keyword research does matter, although it has shifted its focus over the years. The emphasis used to be on stuffing keywords and creating weird, targeted headlines to ensure optimal keyword density. Now the emphasis has become understanding what people are searching for. If the keywords you focus on do not match up with what potential visitors are searching for, these visitors will not see your website. Also, keyword research can help you determine whether your preferred keywords line up with what people mean when they are searching. If you are using keywords just to use them and they do not match up with a searcher’s intent, Google will penalize your website. Keyword research can help you identify the keywords you should be using and help you target those that will help your website reach its optimal potential.


Stay Ahead Of The Curve

Your website needs to change to match the evolution of SEO. Hiring a team of professionals can help you maintain, manage, and update your website as new SEO trends emerge. However, it would help if you also were informed and involved because nobody knows your company better than you. Pay attention to the search engines. Understanding how they operate when it comes to keywords and SERP rankings can help you create content for your website. Experimenting with new approaches until you find the right fit for your company can inspire you creatively, helping you develop new and exciting content. A great brand is the basis of all good SEO. Knowing your brand inside and out enables you to create excellent content centered around a few thoughtful keywords. Awesome content helps create a website that lends itself to your desired audience, driving engagement organically and helping your website rank highly on Google’s search result pages.


SEO is not a one-time activity. It is a long-term investment. It is about building on results, creating content that is cohesive and presented well. Your website will not, nor should it, magically change overnight, and it will most definitely not rank higher with just one simple tweak. It takes time. Making meaningful changes in the proper order can help you reach your optimal result.


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SEO misinformation does exist. As more businesses begin to utilize this vital tool, more misconceptions and misinformation will spread. Knowing how to identify wrong information is vital. A few techniques to consider are looking for information backed up by facts and data, recognizing the context of the facts and data presented and talking to SEO experts. MyCity Social’s experts are committed to helping you optimize your website, increase your search ranking, and create content that reflects your brand. For more information about the best SEO services Tampa offers, make sure you contact us at MyCity Social today!

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