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MyCity Social is more than just a Tampa SEO expert. We are the leading digital marketing agency that also specializes in Search Engine Optimization. Our primary focus is small businesses in the Tampa area and it is through this commitment that we are able to establish such longlasting relationships with the Tampa community. If you would like to learn more about our services and see how we could help your company, contact the Tampa SEO agency, MyCity Social.


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Step 1 : Website Design/Optimization

What does a website do for any business? It functions on a variety of levels. It is a source of information,  a hub of services and products, and a representation of that business’s storefront. In some cases, it is that business’s storefront. That is why so important to optimize the content that you have on your website by using target keywords that your consumers search for. It is also important to be prepared for mobile customers. We offer all of these services and more.

Step 2: Keyword Research

Think of keyword research as part of the process that defines your company. In order to have relevance on the internet, you have to know what your customers are searching for. The process that we do, perform involves making sure that we monitor the keywords so that we can track where you rank.

Step 3: Content Management

The way that search engines work is by referring the users to the content that is relevant to what they are searching for. We make sure that if you serve a particular purpose or you offer a particular service, you are found by your customer base by making sure that your website’s content utilizes the keywords that are being searched.

Step 4: Local Directory Management

The algorithm that determines who is raised up to the top of the Google search results is always changing. This means that it is critical to be optimized at all times. This can mean a number of things from creating listings for your business in your area, fixing any outdated citations for your business, to even developing a custom-targeted landing page.  All of this your SEO specialist will be able to take care of immediately.

Step 5: Link Building

Links are the building blocks for your online presence as search engines’ crawl through the internet to your website. When a search engine crawls a site, they try to decipher how different pages are related to one another and this can be an important part of making sure that the search engine crawls your website correctly.

Step 6: Custom Reports & Strategies

Using all the information we have gathered, we then build a plan for your business that will gain the traction that you website needs. In addition to this, we also make sure to provide you with progress reports so that you too can see how we are doing.

Additional Services from the Tampa SEO Expert


Blog Creation & Writing

The content that you place on your website defines who you are as a company. It has to be high quality and it has to be informative and useful for your consumers. That is why we provide blogs that are written in-house by a professional writer who optimizes each blog for SEO. This gets you the best results and guarantees all of your content is entirely original from your local Tampa SEO agency.


Website Design & Maintenance

All of the websites that we provide are built on the platform WordPress. Our sites are entirely responsive and SEO friendly. They are also equipped to work for back-end content management as well as function beautifully on mobile devices and tablets.


Internet Marketing

Having one company handle all of your internet marketing not only gives you the ultimate control, but also allows you to save money in the long run.

SEO Services

What is SEO, Exactly?

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a process that utilizes the keywords in order to determine the ranking of various businesses relative to one another. Search engines use algorithms to determine what words people use when they search for particular services and goods. They then match the businesses that best utilize those key terms to the top of the search results.


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MyCity Social is a Tampa SEO expert and we can help you get the search engine optimization you may have never been exposed to. We have had experience with a variety of industries so we know what it takes to make sure that a business succeeds with the help of SEO. Regardless of what your small business may specialize in, we are up to the challenge and have a tried-and-true way of making sure they succeed. To learn more about our services and to see how we could serve your business, contact the Tampa SEO agency locals can trust today at MyCity Social.




Why Should I Invest in Great SEO?

SEO is more than just something that makes your site look great and appealing to potential customers. It is a way for your business to see real growth in the number of impressions and ultimately conversions. The best part about it is that you do not have to throw money at SEO in order to make it work. Rather, what you need is someone with expertise and skill to help you through the process and utilize your funds properly. This way, you can save money and still get fantastic results.

We make sure that you are a real competitor in your industry. While other SEO companies may only focus on you and not think about the others who are also working on their SEO, we do our research. We make sure that you are on the cutting edge and that you have the tools to come out ahead. By knowing what other companies are doing, we can then take it one step further or innovate something else entirely. This way, we make your company stand out from the crowd and get the attention that is so well deserved.


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