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While businesses in every industry, including internet marketing, can often get wrapped up in making their business a success and forget their local community, some businesses know that giving back not only makes a difference to the clients that engage with them but to the community as a whole. MyCity Social, a business offering small business marketing Orlando recognizes, acknowledges the importance of giving back to its community and makes an active effort to positively impact the lives of others.


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MyCity Social’s effort to give back to their community can be seen in their scholarship. The company asks employees to submit a piece on someone in their lives that they feel could possibly benefit from financial assistance to help them through a particular struggle. In order to maximize the number of people helped, this takes place every six months and it can make a great difference in someone’s life.

Past success and future giving


For the first iteration of the scholarship, Jennifer Waczewski wrote a thoughtful, moving piece about her friend, Tania Torres, whose daughter was diagnosed with a very rare condition that degenerates the muscles over time. While most children with the disease do not survive past two years of age, her daughter made it to six years old with much perseverance and determination; however, she required surgery to rectify her spinal deformities and constant application of experimental medicines meant to help her regain her mobility. Tania was struggling financially to make ends meet and Jennifer felt that her and her daughter could use some help as their van had recently broken down and her daughter’s wheelchair ramp no longer functioned. The owners of MyCity Social decided to name her the winner of the scholarship.


The company decided to give Tania a grand surprise. The staff pretended to be giving free marketing seminars and Jennifer convinced her friend to come gain some valuable insight—since Tania is also an aspiring artist. When Tania arrived, the staff greeted her and they began chatting away about her art. They then decided to play a funny prank on Tania. The owner walked in with a horribly drawn sketch to signify the branding for a “company they were going to be helping with in their launch.” Then the owner flipped the drawing over and announced her scholarship win. She was moved to tears and used the money to help pay off some of the medical bills and obtain food for her and her daughter.

The monumental difference that they made in Tania’s life is a continual inspiration for all those at MyCity Social to renew their commitment to giving.


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If you’re searching for an internet marketing company that cares about its community, contact MyCity Social. Their specialty is offering small business marketing Orlando residents can count on. Not only are they an agency that can assist you in your business’s internet marketing needs, they are trusted members of the Orlando community committed to giving.


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