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Snapchat is one of the foremost social media apps for marketers. It can make a huge difference in sales. Snapchat views may be incredibly helpful in understanding how successful your marketing campaign is, but how do you track your ad views if your audience doesn’t actually interact with the ad? Snapchat is introducing a tool which now allows you to keep track of how your ads direct people to your site even if they don’t engage with the ad itself. If you would like to know more about this tool and how it can help you and your business in Orlando, contact MyCity Social, an Orlando SEO expert, and social media marketing agency for more information.


Snapchat views on your ads


With their new addition, Snapchat is now allowing marketers a way to see if customers visit their sites after seeing their ads on Snapchat, even if they don’t actually engage with the ad in order to access the actual site. They call this new tool the Snap Pixel and it is conversion-tracking tool that essentially measures how ads on Snapchat may impact traffic on a particular marketer’s site. This tool only works with vertical video Snap Ads and not the Sponsored Lens or Geofilter. As of the beginning of November, the tool is in its testing phase, but Snapchat has said that they will be rolling it out to all advertisers in the coming weeks. Those brands and marketers that wish to have access currently will need to contact Snapchat’s sales team directly.

Why is this important?


Snapchat’s new tool is an attempt to measure the amount of traffic that is driven to a particular website from the app. It is meant to help credit the app so that they can get a larger chunk of that brand’s budget. This is especially important for Snapchat currently because they are trying to target direct-response advertisers.


Right now, Snap Pixel is only able to track conversions. However, the aim for this addition is to be able to help marketers retarget the people visiting their sites based on the pages they visit. This means that brands can create “lookalike” audiences of people whose characteristics are similar to those same site visitors and aim their future ads at that new audience.


How can your business utilize this?


While this new tool is beneficial for Snapchat’s sake, it can also be very helpful for you and your business. This allows you to see how successful your ads are on Snapchat in driving traffic to your website. This means that you can adjust your campaign or decide whether or not to keep advertising on Snapchat depending on your numbers. When you are planning out your budget, this can be especially helpful.


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