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Google Tag Manager has been around since 2012 but there is still a lot of misconception surrounding it that make people wary of using it. However, Google Tag Manager can be incredibly helpful for you and your business and it is important to take a look at how it works and what it does for your site. If you are interested in learning more about Google Tag Manager and you are located in the Tampa area, contact MyCity Social, a Tampa SEO company, for more information and a free consultation.


How Google Tag Manager changed website management


Google Tag Manager is an incredibly important tool for making website management more understandable and accessible for everyone. It is a free tool which means that anyone can utilize it and it removes the need to have a deep and complex understanding of JavaScript. Once you set up Google Tag Manager with the custom-generated tracking code, anyone with user permissions can add, change, and debug tags for your site.


Prior to this addition, in order to make changes to your tracking you had to deal with the coding through JavaScript. This typically made things complicated for most businesses and forced them to deal with developers in order to handle any minor changes that they wanted to make to their tracking. With Google Tag Manager, you do not have to add any additional code to your site just to change or add a tag.


There is a common misunderstanding that Google Tag Manager is the same or very similar to Google Analytics but they are actually two very separate tools. They can work well together but they can also be used separately. If you are already using Google Analytics, it does not take much to adapt your site to also incorporate Google Tag Manager. Additionally, Google Tag Manager can simplify some problems or confusions with Google Analytics.


Where you can find more help?


If you would like to better understand how to utilize Google Tag Manager and how it can help your business, contact an SEO company to assist you in adapting your site to use Google Tag Manager. In Tampa, you can consult MyCity Social, a Tampa SEO company, for more information about Google Tag Manager and other Google products that can be beneficial to you and your business. They can also provide you with the assistance you need in order to migrate your site over to Google Tag Manager and incorporate Google Analytics as well.


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Google Tag Manager can be a very beneficial tool for your business and your website in a variety of ways. While there is significant confusion as to its usefulness and how it differs from other tools on the market—such as Google Analytics—there are ways to learn more about it and how it can work for you. For more information about Google Tag Manager and how it can help your business, contact MyCity Social, a Tampa SEO company, for more information and consultation.


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