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Running a successful business requires a medley of key moving pieces. Whether it’s strong leadership, great staff, a good business model, effective marketing tactics, or more, managing your business is no easy task. One of these many vital aspects of business management is having the right software for the job, and choosing the right software can be confusing without any direction. Learn from internet marketing management Orlando company, MyCity Social. We can give you the rundown on which project management software is being used by the best social media marketing companies today and what strengths each software provides. For our industry, having the best software is a must to stay on track and on schedule, so you can rely on our word to help you find the best tools for your business.

Why You Should Invest in High-Quality Project Management Software

You might think your business doesn’t need project management software. Why make an investment for something that you could theoretically just do using freeware, or basic, virtual office tools? On the surface, high-quality project management software do a lot of things for your business. From tracking resource allocation to enhancing team communication, there are many factors that a good piece of software can do to not only make your team’s lives easier, but also help you save money in the long run. Before checking out the best software to choose from, let’s look at five reasons why investing in high-quality project management software is something you should do:

  • Centralizes information
    • Project management software is all about enabling your business to collect and organize all vital pieces of information into a single, cohesive space. When documenting files and information manually, it can become very easy for things to become disorganized, especially if more people are accessing, editing, adding, and removing documents. A good software can do all the hard word for you in this regard, and functions as an easy-access hub for all of it. There are other benefits to centralizing your business information through software also, like the benefit of added security, custom authorization rights for different employees, and automated cloud storage for all your files.
  • Increases agility
    • When everything is easily accessible through a centralized hub, it becomes noticeably faster for everyone involved to retrieve the info they need for any given task. Think about every time someone might need to access different files in different categories that you might want to store separately. You could be saving everyone seconds with every search of a file or delivery of a completed task. It doesn’t sound like much on its own, but when you have a large team all saving seconds or minutes with every minor task, you can end up with a lot of extra time on your hands.
  • Provides real-time communication
    • There are many times where projects demand communication between members of a team, and that communication won’t always be achievable by asking across the room. You could require a conversation between people in different rooms, different floors, or even different buildings. Project management software with access to private messaging systems can significantly speed up and improve the amount of communication that can occur between different people, especially when most–if not all– of a team will be working in the same software space.
  • Lowers manual workarounds
    • Manual workarounds can add unnecessary work and extra hours that will ultimate cost your business more and increase your risk for human error. You can also end up bypassing standard quality assurance practices, which may have adverse effects. Project management software can offer features that take care of things like scheduling, budgets, and progress reports for you, minimizing the amount of manual workarounds you need to perform.
  • Maximizes resources
    • When put altogether, the features provided by effective project management software ultimately helps you capitalize on your resource management. It all comes down to saving time in multiple ways, whether from speeding up workflow or increasing accessibility. This allows for your team to spend more time on projects and less time on manual management.

Top Five Project Management Software Used By Social Media Marketing Companies

Now that you understand why you should invest in project management software, you now also understand what to expect from high-quality software. Consider your business and the benefits of good project management software that are most important when deciding on the software that’s best fit for you.

  • Asana
    • This is a cloud-based management software that focuses on task management. Asana uses a timeline function that allows projects to be monitored in real time. It is fairly easy to learn and use and also does a great job with file sharing. Asana also offers a free version that, while limited, can allow for a business to test it out first before committing to the subscription fees. In terms of weak points, this software doesn’t offer a built-in private messaging system, so online communication must be done through another medium. Asana is good for businesses looking for a more streamlined software and small, starting businesses that can reap the benefits of the free version.
  • Basecamp
    • Another cloud-based management software regarded for being easy-to-use and relatively simple. It has a strong selection of features including a message board, scheduling tools, file sharing, client access, and more. There’s also the added benefit of Basecamp being more affordable with a flat, monthly rate. That all said, the simplicity of the software comes with the downside of being more limited in what it can provide, lacking advanced features. Basecamp is more suited for small-to-mid-sized business marketers.
    • While also cloud-based, this software also has the option of on-premise deployment. offers extensive customization options for their project templates and great timeline features. It also includes communication tools, file sharing, client interaction, and a time tracking system for team members, and the software as a responsive customer care service. Because of the diverse customization options, this software can find itself slowing down a lot with larger teams, but has bundle pricing not complementary to very small teams. is best for mid-sized businesses of more than five people and is great for companies that appreciate the customizable features.
  • Teamwork Projects
    • Another cloud-based software, Teamwork Projects has a notably easy learning curve with a strong messaging system and access to Gantt charts. These help a team visualize task progress. Additionally, this software offers detailed task lists and more project template customization. There’s also a free version, though it’s relatively limited with a maximum of five users and two projects at a time, otherwise the software has a monthly fee. The time-tracking system is somewhat limited, but Teamwork Projects is otherwise fairly balanced, and a strong choice for small businesses.
  • Workfront
    • Workfront is also cloud-based. This software offers a highly detailed workflow with customization options, and a variety of in-depth management tools. Some examples include custom task management systems, resource management, and an approval and demand system. It also offers strong, real-time communication tools. Because of the complex options, Workfront is more challenging to learn and is also more costly, but it’s a good choice for businesses who rely on large collaborations between several teams.

Each project management software offers its own set of strengths and weaknesses. The best course of action for choosing one for yourself is examining what kind of business you have, how large it is, and what features you prioritize most. From there, you can then research the software that sounds most appropriate to your company and see if the fit is right. It’s very important to make sure the software you choose offers everything that you find the most important to your business as it will ultimately influence the workflow of your teams.

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