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Although Google is the most popular search engine, there are other reliable but less known search engines used by online website visitors. Here is a list of the top 10 most popular search engines ranked by order from the most to least popular depending on market share and the estimated unique number of monthly visitors. There are various companies offering SEO services in Tampa for optimizing personal or business websites on these search engines.

1) Google

Monthly Visitors: 1.6 billion.


Its market share is 72.48%. Most people prefer using this search engine due to its organic and paid reach. Google is a giant in the market of search engines. If you hire a company SEO services in Tampa, ensure that you get a credible company that will guarantee high rankings on a major search engine like Google.

2) Bing

Monthly Visitors: 400 million.

Its market share is at 10.39%. Here are some of the reasons the search engine is an alternative to Google.

  • The video search for Bing is better than that of Google. That, of course, depends on your personal preferences.
  • It has an amazing feature called linkfromdomain which shows the best ranked outgoing links from a site. This will help a visitor know other reliable links that their chosen sites link to mostly.

3) Yahoo

Monthly Visitors: 300 million.

The market share of Yahoo is at 7.78%. The merge between Yahoo and AoL has brought a major transformation on the search engine because Yahoo’s news on finance and sports can now combine efforts with AoL’s media assets to become better and more reliable.

4) Ask

Monthly Visitors: 245 million.

The market share is at 0.22%. A MyCity social search on Google is more resourceful than on Ask. However, the Q&A centered searches on Ask are far better than what Google’s SERP offers.

5) Aol Search

Monthly Visitors: 125 million.

The market share is at 0.15%. The merge between this search engine and Yahoo has made it a different beast. Comparing its media assets with Yahoo just takes it a whole new level.

6) Wow

Monthly Visitors: 100 million.


It is to use it at times because it gives everything in place. It leans towards giving people information about celebrity news articles rather than the Wikipedia-style of information. Moreover, it offers very handy links to wiki pages and social media platforms.

7) WebCrawler


Monthly Visitors: 65 million.

The delineation between search ads and organic results in this search engine is distinct, and that is why most people love using it to conduct online searches on their devices. It also features natural ‘blue links’ more than Google.

8) MyWebSearch

Monthly Visitors: 60 million.

Most people don’t prefer using this search engine because it’s said to be a spyware and a search toolbar program. Also, it offers an unnecessary suite of goodies.

9) Infospace

Monthly Visitors: 24 million.

People tend to prefer it when it comes to white label and monetization search results. It also operates its branded search sites. It has very different algorithms from Google.


Monthly Visitors: 13.5 million.

It has an awesome capability of aggregating search results from the indexed web and social media channels. These extra streams provide additional newsworthy results in terms of context and insight.

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