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Everyone is always looking for the next big thing that can benefit them and make their lives simpler. People are always on the go and don’t necessarily have the time to do research when they are looking for something fast. We all want everything at our disposal, and with the ever changing digital world, we are gaining more and more access to the simple life. Just a few decades ago, we didn’t have mobile phones, and now we can obtain information by voice activation. Say you are in the kitchen cooking dinner and you need to text your friend back; now you can cook and also send messages to your friends or call them without even having to touch your phone. Technology has changed the way we think and act, and the voice search from Google has made life alot easier. MyCity Social offers SEO services Tampa companies love and can rely on, learn more about the voice search trend below.

What Do You Need To Know About Voice Search?

Voice search is when you speak to your phone’s robot, whether it is Siri or another system, and you request their function to maybe make a call or send a text. People love these voice activation robots because they provide convenience and can tailor your experience. For example, when you set up your voice search, it will ask you what you want to be called, so that everytime you make a request and call out Siri’s name, she calls back to you. This tool has become extremely popular because people are always looking for more efficient ways to do things. This does not mean they are lazy, but rather they are utilizing the technology that is at their fingertips. Although some may find this tool to be just another advancement in technology we don’t need, it can actually be a safer way of communicating. Say you are walking around a large city; texting and walking can lead to you bumping into people and even being hit by a car. If you are able to use the voice search, then you don’t have to worry about not paying attention.

5 Ways Voice Search Affects SEO

So what does this mean for SEO? Our SEO services Tampa clients depend on discuss the ways voice search affects SEO.

  • The expansion of mobile- Almost all voice queries come from smartphones and over half of search queries globally come from a mobile device.
  • A different type of keyword- People do not search the same way with their voice that they do when they are typing into Google. They use natural sounding phrases instead of the query language. Your SEO specialist will use this knowledge to search for voice queries to use as a keyword term.
  • Conversational content- For SEO purposes, we need to rethink content. The first step is understanding the customer’s conversational speech. Remember that voice searchers usually have urgent needs in mind so make sure you research the questions your consumers are asking and offer quick solutions on your blog.
  • Location- Location plays a role in 80% of all searches but voice searches are more location focused than typed queries. This means that setting up your site correctly for local search is crucial.
  • Preparing to embrace change- Believe it or not, the possibilities of these voice search robots are endless and can already complete tasks such as setting alarms and taking notes.

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Voice search is becoming more and more popular with time and also more detail-oriented. Technology is always evolving and you need to be on the lookout for the next big change and aware of all minor updates that are made to the voice search. Our SEO services Tampa businesses trust urges you to stay up to date in order to stay relevant. To find out more about voice search, call MyCity Social today at 866-955-3287 or visit our website! mycitysocial.com


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