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They say there is no “I” in team and this couldn’t be a truer statement at MyCity Social. Teamwork makes the dream work and the team that has been gradually built up at our Orlando office all work together in a friendly and healthy environment. You will not find this kind of atmosphere anywhere else and the owners Andrew and Nick are committed to making sure that not only the clients are happy, but that the employees are genuinely excited about their jobs. They provide an environment that has employees jumping out of bed in the morning to prepare for the work day. There are multiple departments that make up the company’s success including the finance department. When it comes to internet marketing, our finance director, Michael Shannon, contributes great assets to the team.

Who Is Michael Shannon?

Michael Shannon loves working within our internet marketing company. He is currently obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in accounting at Valencia College. He found his love of finance while he was involved in the banking industry where he worked for 4 years. Here he learned that accounting just made sense to him. Performing tasks with numbers such as accounts payable and accounts receivable was a natural skill for Michael, and it became second nature to him very quickly.


The question lingers; what is involved in a finance director’s position? Michael was kind enough to share his thoughts stating that he manages and oversees payment processes, new contracts, and client issues with contract terms while handling customer service and understanding cancellations. Michael works frequently with account audits and is always looking for ways to improve the flow of the department as well as ways in which we can enhance the efficiency of the project tasks performed at MyCity Social. When Michael was asked why he chose this field and why he decided to take a job with MyCity Social, he had nothing but great things to say. Michael felt that he was not being challenged enough at his previous company and really wanted to step out of his comfort zone. His position as a finance director allowed for him to elevate his career and utilize skill sets he would have otherwise missed out on. There are always characteristics that are implemented within small businesses to improve customer satisfaction, and at MyCity Social, flexibility is a huge one.


Michael is very patient with clients and will speak with them until they are comfortable with their payments. He is always available for questions when clients need help regarding their account. Patience is a virtue, and Michael is a prime example of how our clientele reacts positively to this acquired skill.

Who Works Alongside Michael?

It is understood throughout the company that teamwork is vital for the success of our business and also the success of marketing other small businesses. Michael is not in this alone and has been working alongside his partner in the finance department, Gina Minardi. Gina started working with collections at the age of 18 and has always been involved in finance. Michael is very impressed with her work and is proud to say that she “hit the ground running” when she started with MyCity Social. Gina has ran multiple businesses and has always dealt with customer service through her collections positions which makes her a vital asset to our team.


Gina applied for a position with MyCity Social because it was different than what she was used to and it intrigued her. She loved the work environment at the Orlando office and felt that everything clicked into place when she interviewed with our Director of Marketing, Nickie Ellis, and our Finance Director, Michael Shannon, as they both provided a safe and welcoming atmosphere as soon as she walked in the door. Gina would like to emphasize that there are always bumps in the road and clients experience issues, so you must be kind and patient. She provides a high level of client support and understands that sometimes you must sympathize with the clients when they are struggling with internet marketing concerns. Gina Minardi loves her job at MyCity Social and enjoys working with the owners along with the rest of the Orlando team.

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Michael Shannon (with the help of Gina Minardi), makes sure the finance department runs smoothly and that all of our clients are satisfied with our work. Both contain skill sets that are not easy to find and we are extremely lucky to have both of them working so closely with our Orlando internet marketing team. To find out more about our finance department or if you have any questions pertaining to digital marketing contracts, call MyCity Social today at 866-955-3287 or visit our website! mycitysocial.com


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