website maintenance in miami

Website maintenance is extremely important as there are new technology advances daily. You mow your lawn once per week, you trim grass with a weed eater in hard places to reach with a lawnmower, and you rake your leaves. You even get a maintenance check and oil change in your car every 3-6000 miles. If you maintain your lawn, it looks nicer and property value increases. If you get maintenance on your car, it lasts longer and minimal chance of roadside assistance. Your website needs maintenance, too.. More than 60% of users who create a website or blog stop using it after a while because they have a difficult time keeping up with it or feel they have no time. SEO services, Fort Lauderdale, like MyCity Social, are phenomenal with understanding maintenance on websites. Let’s show you a few reasons why it is so important.


I had a website a year ago that someone hacked into. I called my hosting company and asked why my website was down. They said to go to my FTP and delete certain files. I didn’t know what they were talking about as they were saying all this mumbo jumbo on the phone. They didn’t even try to help. I had to delete my entire site, which was on WordPress, and build it all over again. Why? I didn’t pay for their security. Now, most hosting companies will help you. Many also use a security system called Sitelock, which constantly updates itself.

Backup for Website Maintenance

This is what many individuals fail to do. Having backup with everything you do is viable. Let’s say you buy food in McDonalds driveway. You leave and realize your food is incorrect. To prove them wrong, you have a receipt. You know you must ask for a receipt just in case; it is a form of backup. You should always do this on your website. Backing up files is important so if your website crashes, you have lost nothing. Our SEO service, Fort Lauderdale backs up your site daily so you never have to worry.

Keeping it Fresh    

You should write a minimum of every other day on your site. Google likes new content and the search engine bots crawl new content daily. Keeping it fresh not only helps search engine index your site, but it shows your customers that you don’t have outdated information. Both Google and your customers like good spelling and grammar. Even if I see horrible spelling and grammar, I do not trust the business and will not buy from them.

Reviewing Your Site

You should check your site once a month for broken links, page speed, and 404 errors. No one wants to be on a site trying to gain information and the link doesn’t work. Everyone hates seeing 404. It’s annoying. Plus, who wants to wait for your page to load? No one.

There are many more reasons for website maintenance, but one is for sure. Your business relies on it and if you need help, check out our SEO services, Fort Lauderdale. You need to contact us today so nothing in your website is lost.


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