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A content strategy is necessary in order to rank for more keywords. However, many business owners think that they don’t have the resources to create a blog du to budgetary constraints. Although when budgets are tight, it may seem tempting to throw all your money behind your paid media campaigns (as you can actually see the ads and optimizations), creating and developing blog content should be looked at like a long-term investment. And the best idea is to start saving early, as any good financial advisor will let you know. Investing in consistent blog content today will give you dividends in search engine ranking and traffic in the future. MyCity Social is a top SEO Agency Fort Lauderdale business owners trust. From Tampa to Orlando to all over the nation, we provide premium SEO and digital marketing services. Call us today to grow your business!


The Importance of a Blog


Whether your website is focused on e-commerce, lead-gen, or self-service, there is a “finite keyword set” that constrains the SEO and traffic. Basically, you will want to serve the most relevant content to users at all times, meaning that there will be search engine ranking words that cannot be put out on a consistent basis without a blog. Your website should at the most basic level provide an expert level of knowledge regarding your subject matter in order to meet Google’s quality guidelines. However, in order to optimize your SERPs and compete in today’s digital market, you will need to expand the breadth and depth of your content. What a blog allows you to do is gain real estate on the search engine results page (SERP), providing additional touch points for users to discover your brand. As a result of continuously creating new content, you will inevitably be expanding your keyword set. MyCity Social, a top SEO agency Fort Lauderdale business owners rely on, recommend performing keyword mapping (through Google’s Keyword Planner tool) and having a longer-term SEO strategy in order to avoid keyword overlap as well as URL confusion.


A Blog Can Improve Your Search Engine Ranking


It’s fairly clear that popping up more frequently in the SERPs can lead to an uptick in click-through rate; however, you should also understand how SEO contributes to the conversion funnel. SEO is frequently utilized for discovery/awareness purposes, and you may want to make certain informational landing pages using more general keywords as opposed to long-tail. SEO tends not to get their proper due. When a consumer enters the SERP funnel, they often are not aware that they have started a journey towards purchasing your product. Certain consumers start out by doing research on the product or service they are looking for and comparing qualities of different brands. Others, however, may be looking to solve some other issue and through reading through search results decide to make a purchase. What your strategy should be is to educate and assist consumers in their most vulnerable moments while they’re still brand-agnostic.


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A blog may be the boost to your website’s search engine ranking that your company needs. MyCity Social is a top SEO agency Fort Lauderdale business owners trust. Call us today to expand the digital marketing of your Tampa business!


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