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There are a ton of large hotel chains in and around the Tampa area, which could make it more difficult for your small bed and breakfast to get the attention it deserves. This could be incredibly frustrating for a business owner that no matter how hard you try or how much attention you put into marketing you’re just not getting the traffic you need to sustain a steady flow of visitors. MyCity Social provides SEO services Tampa and can help take your bed and breakfast website to the next level to ensure your business continues to grow and not decline.

Tips To Making Your Bed and Breakfast Website A Success

Digital marketing can be simple if you follow a few tips and steps. You will end up driving traffic to your website just like the companies who specialize in SEO services Tampa, would. Now, of course, it is always best to leave these strategies up to the SEO specialists, but following some of their advice can help you find a way to boost the marketing of your bed and breakfast.

  • Investing A Little Can Go A Long Way: A lot of times in business you have to spend money to make money and marketing your small bed and breakfast is no different. Having a digital tool like Google Hotel Ads would be extremely helpful in helping website traffic. This tool is prevalent on many search engines, and they display information like rates, availability, and reviews immediately along with Google Street Views and images.
  • Create Meaningful Content: One of the main purposes of your content should be to optimize SEO that way you can capture traffic. The easiest way to do this is by creating a website blog. When you are writing content, it is important to remember that potential customers are looking for material that is meaningful, relevant, and adds value to their life. This means your content needs to be original and it needs to either educate, inform, entertain, inspire, reward, or help.
  • Use Quality Content: Facebook posts that contain an image are over two times more likely to see engagement from people that the posts without a picture. Hiring a professional photographer or videographer to build up the appeal of your bed and breakfast is a great idea. Visitors want to be able to go to your website and take a peek inside where they’ll be staying.
  • Make It Personal: More than half of customers say that they made a purchase because they saw it somewhere on social media. What this means that if you have social media accounts, you need to be posting on them regularly. Having an Instagram account that hasn’t been used in 6 months isn’t sending the right message to people looking to book a bed and breakfast. It sends a message that you don’t really care about the business because you’re not taking the time to share information about it. You also want to make sure you are sharing your B&B’s features and amenities making the post more personal. Also, interact with potential customers on social platforms, as long as you are doing so in a friendly and respectful manner, this can make people see you as approachable.

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