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Building your business has a lot of components- as well as plenty of blood, sweat, and tears. Long-term investments and a little work now can pay off great dividends down the road. One of the most important aspects of business branding is online marketing. Online marketing is a major inroad towards gaining prime online real estate: new visibility, new web traffic, and eventually new leads. In digital marketing terms, what you need is a long term SEO strategy. SEO companies exist to help you with this- we assist you in achieving search engine visibility and in creating a long-term strategy to do so. The best SEO company should optimize your company’s web traffic, which helps to generate more revenue, as well as add to the value of your brand. MyCity Social is a Tampa SEO agency that can help you create and implement a long term SEO strategy to bring more traffic to your business.

Creating a Long Term SEO Strategy

There are several main questions to consider when developing your SEO strategy. Firstly, you need to know how well your business ranks on Google. This is an easy step to test- just type in the word(s) you think that your audience is searching for, and check how long it takes for your website to pop up in the sea of information that appears. Secondly, figure out what your business ranks well for. Generally, businesses rank well on google and other search engines for their brand names, but not in search queries for the category they’re in, product, and services. If your business already ranks well for their brand names, but not for general category, product, and services, a long-term SEO strategy can help generate more traffic through those search queries. Some people think their websites already rank well without investing in much effort. However, it’s important to take a serious look at your web analytics to understand exactly what type of traffic your website is bringing in. Then, consider the following: What search queries are bringing traffic? What components of the business are bringing these in? The products/services or your business name?

Are the visitors to your website qualified visitors, or robot users? And lastly, what is it that visitors to your website actually do once they get there? How are they interacting or converting your information? Most businesses don’t just stumble onto web traffic success without planning out a well-defined and executed long term SEO strategy like Tampa SEO agency MyCity Social can help you form.

The Best SEO Company For You

The ultimate goal of a long-term SEO strategy is to turn search engine visibility and rank into revenue, and to retain and convert brand new visitors into customers. One important factor in retaining user interest is to have a business website that provides a good user experience. Because Google now considers the user’s experience in visiting your website as a ranking factor, it’s important to focus on designing a website that visitors can enjoy looking at, navigate easily, and interact with. For example, if your web pages take forever to load, visitors will lose their attention and go elsewhere, lowering your Google ranking.

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As a top Tampa SEO Agency, MyCity Social can help your business succeed and prepare a long-term SEO strategy to turn your web traffic into more revenue. Remember: The best SEO company for you is one that can not only increase web visibility, but turn that traffic into future customers. Call MyCity Social to start working on an effective long-term SEO strategy today!


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