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Millennials are one of the most coveted market groups, but also one of the most elusive. Many companies find it difficult to figure out, then grab the interest of a millennial, not to mention hold it long enough to be significant. The window of opportunity for seizing the attention of a millennial is tiny, and continues to shrink, thanks to the proliferation of technology in our everyday lives. As a comScore discovered in a recent study, in order for an online ad targeted towards millennials to be effective, they need to be around only 5 or 6 seconds. Efficiency is the name of the game when it comes to millennials, so your business needs to figure out how to best target this group while getting the best bang for your buck. One of the most effective ways to reach millennials is through a targeted newsletter. Utilizing a newsletter company to personalize, organize, and send daily or weekly newsletters can help you reach the millennial market and make more revenue. When it comes to digital marketing Orlando trusts, MyCity Social has a proven track record of effective copy and penetrating into target groups. Improve your company’s marketing today and contact MyCity Social!


Newsletters Work On Millennials


Oddly enough, despite their short attention spans and tendency towards distraction, millennials actual lean towards the format of a newsletter. This is probably because “fake news” and click-bait like headlines proliferate, making millennials trust traditional news outlets less, and causing social media to be a hassle to sort through. You have to scroll through dozens of click-bait articles before falling on solid information. Thus, millennials want to go directly to the curator themselves. MyCity Social provides some of the best digital marketing Orlando has to offer, and can help you personalize newsletters to penetrate a millennial audience. Because millennials are a very self-focused group, there is a huge trend of companies tailoring to personal preferences. Styling companies like Stitch Fix personalize their wardrobes and Spotify creates daily mixes based on their preferences. Likewise, we can help make your newsletter content personalized through email software, segmenting lists and utilizing dynamic content. Our analysts can help you gain insight into each customer group’s initial needs and build on.


Why You Should Use a Newsletter Company


Millennials pretty much live online, and crave connection. Being tech-savvy is a must when marketing to this group, and traditional journalistic formats like physical mail and newspaper ads should go out the door. A digital marketing firm will help you try a new voice with a personal touch, like a friend’s letter. In this day and age of cold data and communication from a distance, millennials love personal commentary when delivering their news- efficient and friendly. Send this personalized newsletter out across all platforms. Since 61 percent of time spent online is on smartphone apps and a variety of other digital devices, not just traditional laptop email, it’s important to make your content readable and easily accessible across an array of technologies.


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Pack a punch with your business and target millennials in an efficient manner. A newsletter company can maximize results through data science and deliver your target audience. For digital marketing Orlando can trust, contact MyCity Social today!


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