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When you hear the word “breadcrumbs”, you probably think of sandwiches or fairytales. But when it comes to digital marketing, breadcrumbs aren’t what falls off your sandwich or help you out of a forest. Breadcrumbs actually refer to marketing. There are so many different terms to describe digital marketing and with all of these terms comes different techniques and research. It can become overwhelming to do all of the digital marketing for your business by yourself, especially if you are not well versed in all aspects of internet marketing. Thankfully, while you are busy running your business, MyCity Social will take care of all of your digital marketing. An Orlando SEO expert discusses what breadcrumbs are and why they are important.

What Are Breadcrumbs?

Breadcrumb marketing can be compared to one of your favorite childhood stories. Remember when Hansel and Gretel dropped pebbles to mark the path back to their house? Breadcrumb marketing is the same thing except you are dropping breadcrumbs for your consumers to find your business. This applies to all types of business. If you own a business, you have to market yourself or no one will be able to find you. By marketing online, you make it easy for consumers to find and reach you and your products and/or services (which is exactly what you want). Even social media lends a hand to breadcrumb marketing. But you need to help your customers find that first breadcrumb (advertising). After they find the first breadcrumb you want to entice them to look for the next one. Your job is not done just because customers see your name on their computer screen. You are in charge of making sure they are calling or visiting your business.

Why Breadcrumbs Matter

Breadcrumbs are so important for the success and survival of your business so make sure you are doing your research and leaving them for consumers. An Orlando SEO expert wants you to keep in mind that people need convenience. If they can’t find your online presence, they will probably never find you in person. Technology is only growing and improving so if you own a business, you need to grow and evolve with it if you want to be successful. It can take a little while to learn how to market yourself successfully but if you do everything correctly and research your market, you should have no issues when you leave breadcrumbs.


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