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If you own a business, you need to know about marketing. Marketing used to be online and offline but now it’s mostly digital. Digital marketing, itself, is very broad, and many departments and specialized roles fit under the umbrella. Whether you like the way marketing is done these days or not, you have to know about digital marketing if you want to run a successful business. At MyCity Social, we focus on all aspects of digital marketing including SEO, website design, and much, much more. A Tampa SEO company businesses rely on urges you to learn website terms.

8 Website Terms To Know

There are tons of website terms besides these 8 that are useful to know but these are some of the basics:

  • Header- The rectangular shape that runs across the top of the web design of the screen. It appears on every website you visit. The header promotes your company, making it recognizable right away to consumers. This is one of the most valuable aspects of a website.


  • Footer- Similar to a footer on a Word document and contains information that is listed at the bottom of the website. It is also like its own part of the web page, separated from the header and is coded in HTML and CSS.


  • Left Sidebar- Gains the most attention and the content in this sidebar will be seen before the main website content. These sidebars are used for navigation and basic user functionality and include details such as titles that will lead directly to other pages of the website.


  • Right Sidebar- A standard for secondary content. For a smaller screen, this sidebar may be cut off because there may not be enough room for both. Since the main content is most important, the right sidebar is usually cut.


  • Module- A pre-programmed software inserted into your website and composed of templates for building your website. This is something you should know about but not necessarily know how to do. Our Tampa SEO company can build your website for you.  


  • Domain- The registered URL you purchase through companies such as GoDaddy or HostGator. You want an appealing domain name that makes sense for your company.


  • Content- Content on a website is everything! When it comes to website terms, you need to know this one. Content is the information that is written on your website. Your “about us” page, “blogs” page, “contact us” page, services pages, etc. is all content.


  • Blocks- Blocking can also be referred to as denying access to a web page. This usually happens if you are on a web page filled with viruses or anything that can harm your computer.


Why Learn These Terms?

You need to learn these terms if you are going to run a business. You should know what information is being put out there and what it means. If a consumer calls you and asks questions about your website, it will be helpful to know the basics.  

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