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Getting new people to visit your restaurant can be especially difficult with so many choices for how to dine. Not only is your restaurant competing with other restaurants but also with fast food and eating in with home prepared food. Of those three choices a restaurant is usually the most expensive one, so restaurants have to work that much harder to keep in a steady flow of people. So how do you do that in 2020? Well, with a digital marketing agency of course. MyCitySocial is one such agency that can assist you in entering the digital age and increasing traffic. Located in Florida, you won’t find a better Tampa SEO Agency. SEO or search engine optimization is just one of the services MyCitySocial offers and below we’ll explain the many other ways we can assist your business. 

Types of Digital Marketing Posts

When creating content to post online to promote your restaurant, there are three main types of content. Each serves its own purpose, but all of them work to spread your restaurant’s influence across the digital landscape. Generally the most effective marketing campaigns employee all three, but some may appeal more to your specific business strategy than others. There’s no one right way to market something.  

  • Selling
    • This is content where you’re attempting to get your audience to purchase something from you. This can be as simple as putting a call to action at the end of a blog urging viewers to visit your restaurant’s page or leaving a phone number so they can book a reservation today. This is the trickiest of all content because it will require your audience to spend money and in order to motivate them to do that, you have to be extremely persuasive with extremely engaging material. You need to convince them that it is worth changing their plans to eat in or to go to your restaurant over others. This can be done by offering deals or promotions, but something as little as having spectacular photos of your food attached might be just enough to tempt people.   
  • Branding
    • Anytime you’re attempting to engage with your audience is considered branding content. This can be done by asking a question, setting up a contest or any other type of content that requires interaction from your audience. Engaging with your customers and potential customers is important for building a lasting relationship. If they feel a connection to your restaurant they’re more likely to go there to eat over other places where they have no personal link to. The best place to do this online is on social media. Here you are more likely to have comments and questions to interact with and answer. You also want to make sure you’re consistent with how you choose to answer. If you’re looking to give off a specific feel or vibe for your restaurant, that should be reflected in your answers and responses. If you’re a family oriented restaurant for example, you should stay away from interacting with any obscenities or sarcasticness.  
  • Sharing
    • Sharing content is content that you’re attempting to spread around. Unlike other types of marketing content, this can be done by both you or your followers. On social media, you can retweet someone who writes a rave review of your food or someone can share and tag someone in a tweet you posted about a discount and both count as types of sharing content. Sharing doesn’t always have to be your own content either. Sharing blogs from other sites about tips on eating healthier can be used to promote people to eat healthier by adding a comment when you share that you offer these healthier options. Sharing outside content can help add legitimacy to your restaurant if other people are agreeing with the kind of food you’re providing, but aren’t necessarily mentioning you. With a few added comments by you, a previously unrelated article is now another endorsement of your restaurant.  

Digital Marketing Agency Services 

  • Food Photoshoots 
    • Very rarely will people check out a new restaurant on their own without first seeing what the food looks like. Simply describing your food is nothing compared to showing pictures of delicious looking food. Think of every food commercial you’ve ever seen and just think of how hungry you get watching them. This is almost always due to seeing images of amazing looking food. That said, not just any photos will do. Your food needs to stand out and pop. This can be done by having a strong contrast from that of the background. You want your food to be the center of attention and people’s eyes should be drawn to it. Using natural lighting is also important as lighting that looks too artificial will make your food appear less appealing. Most importantly though, you need your images to be high quality, no one wants to eat a blurry looking sandwich. Agencies like MyCitySocial know exactly how to shoot food and can ensure you get the perfect pictures of your delectable treats. 
  • Social Media
    • This can range anywhere from us consistently posting content on your various social media sites for you, to running a full fledged ad campaign. Social media is the perfect place to post the pictures of your food from your photoshoots and this is the perfect place for your business to meaningfully interact with your consumers. Here you can see what people like and dislike about your restaurant. We can help you set up polls, giveaways and or even help you post ads. Social media sites like Facebook are the perfect place to display ads. Typically though, it takes people about three times of seeing an ad before they’ll click, so we can help you make sure you have the most effective looking ads with exactly the right words attached. 
  • Blogs
    • Blogs are a great way to give people a behind the scenes look at how your restaurant operates and really dive into the kind of food you offer. Writing blogs goes a little deeper than just writing though. As you may infer from this article you are reading right now, our team of experts are no strangers to blog writing and can help you curate your content and ensure it comes up higher on search engines. This is where being a Tampa SEO agency comes in handy. On top of helping discover which SEO keywords to use, we will help you implement them naturally in your blogs. Lastly, we’ll make sure you keep to a schedule with your blogs as one of the most important keys to the success of your blogs is constantly putting out new ones whether it be weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly. 
  • Emails
    • Emails are important for keeping your customers engaged. Not everyone is on social media to see your posts, and with the way most sites work, there’s no guarantee that even if they do follow you, that they won’t accidentally scroll past what you post. Emails are a direct way to send promotions, reminders and news to your customers. Perhaps you’re hosting some type of event or are unveiling a new food, emails are a great way to let people know. It’s also another way of directing people to your blog or a great way to show people what they’re missing on your variety of social media accounts. We can help you figure out the best content to go in your emails and even help you write them.
  • Loyalty Programs
    • Emails are also a great way to implement a loyalty program that rewards consumers for visiting your restaurant. Many of these work on a point system. Often you will get points for spending a set amount of money at a time. Emails will tell you how many points you have and then can either reward you with a discount, gift card or even link customers back to your site to choose from a host of rewards. Loyalty programs encourage people to spend more money than they normally would in order to reach certain milestones, it also makes them feel as though they’re spending less because they’re getting money back in the long run. 

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