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With the start of 2020, not only does a new year begin, but so does a new opportunity to make a mark on your target audience. Why hone in on a specific demographic of people, though when you could try and appeal to everyone? Well, for one there are just some people that will never want to use your product or service no matter what you do. Rather than attempt to pander to a crowd’s mind that’s already made up. You should be using your resources to encourage those who are more likely to purchase your product or service. But how do you find out who these people are, let alone better appeal to these people? That is where a digital marketing service comes in, and MyCitySocial is the best Miami SEO marketer you’ll find in all of Florida. 


The Best Miami SEO Digital Marketing Company

You might be wondering why you need a digital marketing company. You, after all, know your product or services better than anyone, right? So why would you want to hire someone else to market for you? Well, there are many reasons you would and here are just a few.

  • PPC
    • PPC or pay per click is when you host ads on another website and you pay that site for every click you get. Pay per click can be extremely useful for bringing new traffic to your site. The reason you want a digital marketing agency guiding you on PPC though is so that you know exactly where to host your ads. A misplaced ad can be disastrous as many sites will charge you a base fee just to be featured on their site. Additionally, if your ad isn’t getting clicks, that website is likely to bury your ad toward the bottom and push the ads that are getting them clicks and money. You’re also going to want a professional to help design your ad because sometimes it can be difficult to get some people to click on your ad even if they are interested.
  • Influencer Marketing
    • An influencer is anyone online who has a following of people. An influencer can be a famous actor, YouTuber, or even an instagramer. Hiring an influencer to help advertise your product can help you tap into a previously unseen demographic. People are more likely to use a product or service recommended by someone they trust or like, so it’s the next best thing to having a person’s friend or family recommend your website to them. Once again, it’s important to know who the perfect influencer is for you and a digital marketing company can not only help you decide that but also help get you in contact with the influencer.


  • Web Development


    • You may already have a site, but does it truly capture the essence of your business? What about your front end and back end? At MyCitySocial we use a team of highly accredited designers. We’ll make sure your website looks good on the surface and on the inside coding that keeps it running. We’ll help you implement a Content Management System that allows you to control what’s on your site, whether it be products, new release announcements or even what your homepage looks like. We’ll do all the heavy lifting designing and coding, but you keep the final say and ultimate control. We just make it easier for you to put out new ventures without wasting time.
  • Social Media Marketing
    • Whether it be LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or Pinterest, MyCitySocial can help you not only create custom accounts for each but we can help you run them. We will help you come up with a strategy to create buzz and help you solidify your brand. Social media is the future of marketing and it is one of the best places to reach new people. It is also extremely important for creating a relationship with your audience and is an extremely easy way to promote your products and services without becoming invasive. 
  • CRM Services
    • CRM or Customer relationship management, is a service that allows you to track all your dealings with current and potential customers. CRM can show you all the people that are contacting you through phone, website or social media. It will store all your customer data so it’s all in one place should you decide to send out a new offer or deal. It does this both through email and text and can even be used to set up a loyalty system. Repeat customers make up a huge chunk of sales for most businesses and it’s important to give them a reason to want to come back. Keeping your business fresh in their minds with a steady stream of advertisements, offers and discounts is a great way to increase sales. Of course there’s a fine balance in how much and what to send out so that’s where you want someone like MyCitySocial to step in.


How to Reach your Target Audience


  • Implement Event Tracking


    • Event tracking is when your website records the data of what your consumers are doing on your site. Where are people most going? What items are they purchasing the most of? What part of your site is getting the least clicks? All this data is extremely important in determining what areas you should lean in with and which you should ease off. Additionally, you may add geotracking which will allow you to see a rough location of where people are when they use your site. This can be important because if one city in particular is heavily using your site, it may be beneficial to use your marketing budget to focus more on that city as opposed to one where your users are minimal. 
  • Focus on Getting the Perfect SEO
    • SEO or search engine optimization is implementing specific keywords and phrases onto your site that will help you show up higher in search results. The key is to use words that people are going to search, which can be difficult, because most people type in a broken series of words as opposed to actual sentences. For example, “best Miami SEO near me,” might be what your audiences are searching, but that’s not exactly the easiest of keywords to implement. That’s where having a digital marketing agency comes in a lot of help.
  • Pivot Toward Google’s In-Market Audiences
    • Google’s In-Market Audience are the people that are googling what you’re selling or offering. By discovering who’s already looking for exactly what you have, you can focus your marketing toward these people. To better appeal to them you can take out ads with Google. Google is very good at giving you control of your ads. They let you pick your audience you want to focus on and they hone in for you. 
  • Facebook Marketing
    • On Facebook, users will choose their interests and when you purchase ads on Facebook they let you decide what people will see your ads based on their interests. This makes it possible for you to target your services and products to people that might not necessarily look up your site on their own. That said, videos appear to be the most effective form of ad when it comes to Facebook, with the shorter, the better. Facebook also allows you to see the data such as who is clicking on your ads, so that you can figure out how much money you’re making from what kind of people.  
  • Keep Ahead of the Game
    • One of the biggest keys to success in digital marketing is to make sure you stay not only on top of the latest trends but to be able to anticipate what the next biggest thing is going to be. You don’t want to be playing catchup and knowing what the future will hold takes a lot of expertise and time, something you as a business likely can’t afford to do on your own. Digital marketing isn’t easy and just like when you need to seek professional help like a doctor when you break a bone, you need to hire a digital marketing agency like MyCitySocial to give you the treatment and plan you need to run forward successfully. 


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MyCitySocial has been helping the good people of Miami for five years now, and we pride ourselves in our ability to help small businesses grow. We turn small budgets into big dreams, and we will give your business precisely the love and attention it deserves and needs to thrive. Our goal is to create engaging content that focuses on getting results. We will not only help you discover your target audience but help you better appeal to them. You won’t find a better digital marketing agency out there, and we highly encourage you to get in contact with us today so you can start taking advantage of all our great services. Not in Miami, don’t worry, we also have locations in Orlando, Tampa, Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, and many more on the way.



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