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Are you a business struggling to gain a foothold on social media? If so, you don’t have any time to waste. Social media is quickly becoming the go to place to promote your brand. With more and more people cutting cable, only producing TV commercials isn’t going to cut it anymore. So how do you start gaining that following you feel your company deserves? That’s where MyCItySocial comes in. The team at MyCitySocial are digital marketing specialists and know exactly how to spruce up your social media account. We’re the best digital marketing Orlando has to offer and you won’t find a better agency in Florida. To help you get a start and to show you how we can help, here are a few personal branding tips to help punch up your online social media presence. 


Discovering Your Brand

Developing your brand is essential for not only ensuring your business survives online, but also thrives. What is a brand though? A brand is what people think of when they hear your company’s name. It’s what their impression is. It’s not only what goods or services you sell, but what kind of personality or feeling your business gives off. Is your company a child friendly one that values family above all else, or an independently run company that was built from nothing and promotes itself as being different from the big guys or maybe people see you a fun loving and crazy business that lives for the moment and no one ever truly knows what to expect. Your company might be none of these, but companies that can elicit these kinds of feelings, good or bad are more likely to stick in the heads of consumers. People have nearly unlimited choices when making purchases online, so you need to stand out to be able to attract new clientele. Gimmicks will only get you so far, the only sure fire way to keep your business relevant is to have a strong brand that resonates with people. Obviously though, sometimes your branding can turn some people off from your company, but sometimes that’s worth it if the overall net gain is more. Deciding on what you want your brand to be is a monumental task, but if you don’t work tirelessly to curate it, one is likely to develop on its own in the minds of your consumers and you may not like the one they settle on. Take control of your company and brand and contact MyCitySocial today. We can help you come up with the perfect brand image and help you develop a sure fire plan to grow and develop it. We’re the leading experts in digital marketing Orlando has to offer, so stop wasting time and give us a call.


Personal Branding Ideas for Social Media

  • Directly Communicate With Your Followers 
    • Actually taking the time to respond to your followers’ concerns and questions on social media is a great way to develop a strong relationship with your consumers. It shows you care and it makes your audience feel heard and that they’re contributing to the service or product they’re paying for. This gives them a more personal stake in your business, which in turn means they’ll be more likely to become a return customer. This is also an opportunity to develop your voice. Many companies may joke around with the less serious questions and comments they get,  but be wary of going too far with this. As people may latch onto your humor which may leave a lasting impression of your company being silly. Whether you want to be perceived as a serious business or a fun loving laid back company is completely your decision, but remember it is very hard to be both.
  •  Contests and Giveaways 
    • Contest and Giveaways are a very quick way to get people interested in your social media page, but you need to be careful when enacting them. The biggest mistake companies can make with a contest or giveaway is to make the prize unrelated to their business. While giving away the new iPhone 11 might bring in a boatload of people, it does little to keep those people following you after the contest or giveaway is over. Instead, you should focus on giving away products you actually sell or free trials and services you offer. This way, the people who win get a taste of your product and service and now are more likely to purchase from you. Also make sure any contests you run require your consumers to do something to promote your business. This can be as simple as requesting they retweet a link to your site or perhaps it can be more in depth by having them link a friend. Lastly, make sure you’re covered legally by always including written terms and conditions as well an email or number for people to contact you with any questions or concerns.  
  • Involve Influencers or Celebrities
    • An internet influencer is anyone on the internet that has a large following. This could be a famous YouTuber, Instagram Blogger, or anything in between. You can hire one of these influencers to promote your brand on their personal social media or you can also give them access to yours in what’s called a takeover. In a takeover, an influencer will be given control of your social media and be allowed to make posts. You, of course, let your audience know in advance that this will be happening so they don’t mistake it for you. The same can be done with well known celebrities, but online influencers are likely to have more reach. That said, you shouldn’t just settle for any popular influencer. You want one that will reflect well on your brand and that has an audience that will be complimentary with what services or products you are selling. If your influencer is big with children for example, then they might not be the most effective vehicle to help you sell home insurance.
  • Videos
    • Video content is dominating the internet. People seem more likely to watch than read as statistics prove people tend to share videos more often then they do just text. That said, your videos do not need to be very long in order to capitalize on this trend. In fact, people are extremely likely to retweet or share videos that are only seconds long. Keeping videos under a couple of minutes is ideal as most modern audiences will quickly bail if their full attention isn’t caught immediately. Producing quick 10 seconds or less videos allow you to easily and efficiently make videos so that you can steadily make more without breaking the bank. Think of them as mini commercials. They need to catch the eye, but also leave a strong sense of your brand. Keep in mind, that while trying to capitalize on the latest meme or trend might give you clicks, if it doesn’t have anything to do with your business, you’re not getting much from it.
  •   Cross Promotion
    • Much like hiring an influencer. Doing a cross promotion with another brand is a great way to spread the reach of your product. Of course, you want to make sure you carefully choose who you promote with. One of the worst brands you can cross promote with is one that you are directly in competition with. The last thing you want is to accidentally lose some of your consumers to the other brand. Instead, you should find brands that hold an audience you wish to appeal to more, but whose products and services don’t compete with yours. For example, a tuxedo shop and a flower shop could do a cross promotion as they both share similar demographics with their consumers, but wouldn’t cause one another to potentially lose sales as both of their products are wildly different and couldn’t serve as a replacement for one another.  
  • Highlight Your Customers
    • Putting your customers front and center is a great way to make them feel appreciated and for you to gain goodwill. It’s also something that won’t cost you any money and will encourage others to conduct business with you. Doing this can be as simple as retweeting or sharing customers reviews of your products or testimonials, but if you want to take it a step further and don’t mind spending some money you can reward customers for being loyal by offering them discounts to share or giving them free samples or trials.



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Stop wasting your time trying to develop your social media presence through gimmicks and shortcuts. Your personal branding is important and we can help you solidify it in the online world. Start 2020 the right way and contact MyCitySocial today. On top of our stellar social media services, we also offer assistance in but not limited to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), digital marketing, influencer marketing, PPC (Pay Per Click), and web development. We are primarily based in Orlando, but we also have locations all across Florida, including Tampa, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach, with more coming soon.



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