10 Ways To Drastically Improve Your Email Marketing

In today’s world where technology grows exponentially, many have thought that email marketing would be phased out. But that day has yet to come. Although many have continued to predict that email marketing will eventually be phased out, email marketing remains one of the most effective ways of reaching prospective clients and customers. Of course,

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A Great Newsletter Company Can Grab the Attention of Millennials!

Millennials are one of the most coveted market groups, but also one of the most elusive. Many companies find it difficult to figure out, then grab the interest of a millennial, not to mention hold it long enough to be significant. The window of opportunity for seizing the attention of a millennial is tiny, and

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Reach Your Brand’s Target Demographic: Utilize Newsletter Marketing!

Newsletters are valuable tools in marketing. As an email marketing agency, we at MyCity Social in Miami know that newsletter can make a real difference in a business’s way of reaching their customers. If you are looking for a company with social media marketing Miami businesses trust, contact us at MyCity Social today. Some Tips

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10 Ways to Obtain Email Addresses for Your Newsletter

Enhance Your Email Marketing Services Have you been struggling with building the email list for your business in Miami? If yes, you need not to despair. In this article, MyCity Social, an email marketing services provider presents ten tips which you can implement to gain more quality subscribers for your newsletter. We have based our

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5 Way To Increase Your Newsletter Open Rate

Newsletter marketing still counts as one of the most effective ways to market your company or service. As such, how often people open emails from you has a big impact on your bottom line. If you find that your email open rate is a bit lackluster, you may want to take steps to correct that.

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What Email Marketing Will Look Like in 2016?

The New Year has already started and the holiday season is finished. It is quite logical to expect some changes in the field of Internet marketing this year and it seems that email marketing won’t be different. Even though there are some people who believe that email marketing today is practically useless, the fact is

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Don’t Do This in Social Media Marketing! | MyCity Social FL

Newsletter’s, were previously, a thriving way to market. But the world is changing, the market is changing and demands are shifting. Based on research, only 20% of emails are actually opened. You know what that means? 80% of them are trashed without a thought. That’s because consumers don’t want your spam mail. Think of all

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