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Marketing has changed greatly over the years. At one point marketing was just about attracting people’s attention to a service or product. Now, marketing is so much more. Marketing now is responsible for creating your brand, forming lasting connections with your clients and advertising your products or services. In 2020 there are more companies marketing than ever before, new companies are constantly forming and it can be next to impossible to stand out in the endless sea of the digital world. That’s where my CItySocial comes in. Providing the best Social Media Marketing Florida has to offer, MyCitySocial is here to help you discover your target market and offer you some great tips to start off the new year with. Located in Tampa, we’ve been helping businesses for years discover their audience and learn how to better market to them. 


2020 Marketing Trends

The internet is everything in 2020. Nearly everyone uses it for their purchasing needs, whether it be to look up what they want to buy or to just flat out buy it online. As such it is more important than ever for businesses to have a strong online presence. Along with having a website, the following are tips that will help you stand out in the world of digital marketing.  

  • Customer Service
    • Making sure your customers will want to come back is something essential for any business. Most businesses rely heavily on return customers so it’s important to treat them well. Providing great customer service means making sure every customer leaves content and happy. Online this can be harder to do as it is often harder for customers to interact with other live humans. When it does come time to talk to a real person, your team of customer service representatives need to be friendly, patient and amazing problem solvers. “No, I can’t help you” should never be in any good customer services’ book.   On top of providing a dedicated live team of professionals who can help troubleshoot any issues, can also preemptively cut down on issues you customers may have by ensuring your website is running at maximum efficiency. Whether it be through making your sales of products and services a quick and easy process, guaranteeing your website is easy to navigate, or constantly staying ahead of your customers by testing your site for bugs and issues, optimization is a must. 
  • Personalization 
    • We’re at a point now that casting a wide generic net doesn’t bring in copious amounts of customers like it used to. Appealing to everyone and their mother doesn’t work anymore. With so many businesses out there, nowadays people are looking for hyper specific services and products that exactly and uniquely fit their needs. People know they don’t have to settle anymore. This is where it once again becomes important to know your target audience and how to appeal to them. There are little things you can do to personalize like including the name of customers in emails, but better than that, companies can now use collected data from places like social media to start promoting specific recommendations to customers.
  • Hiring the Right Employees
    • This ties into customer service a bit, but no matter how good your services or products are, your business will not succeed without talented people supporting them. Once your business has expanded beyond just you, you are no longer one hundred percent in control of your brand. Every employee you hire from here on out, reflects your business. Whether it be the ones performing your service or just selling one of your products, these people can leave a lasting impression on your customers. Of course, you want that impression to be excellent, but the only way to increase your chances of this is by hiring the right people. Employees should be hard working, dedicated and always willing to go above and beyond what is expected of them. They need to be qualified for the position and you need to perform thorough background checks. It’s a two way street though, as their boss, it’s your job to see that employees are treated well, compensated appropriately, and feel valued for their hard work. Even the best employees get frustrated from time to time, so it’s important to keep a productive, safe and upbeat working environment.      
  • Voice Search
    • While typing is likely to never go away, more and more people are using voice searches like Siri to look things up. This means you need to ensure your site is optimized for voice searches. SEO or search engine optimization is important for any site, but it’s different for everyone. SEO relies on certain keywords and in order for your site to show up on search engines when they’re typed in, it means making sure your site includes those words. Voice search is a whole different animal when compared to typed searches. Typed searches rely on short broken sentences made up of only the most important keywords, but people don’t talk like that so voice searches are usually made with a more complex series of words. This means your site will need to be optimized for both searches. 
  • Visual Content
    • There’s a certain level of showmanship with all successful marketing campaigns. People are very rarely attracted to things they find boring and the same goes for the websites of businesses. Finding the right balance between too flashy and too plain can be tricky, but once you find it, the difference in traffic will amaze you. Getting people to your site may seem like the hardest part of the game, but ensuring customers stay on your site or want to come back is just as important. It’s far harder and more expensive to bring in new customers than it is to retain the loyalty of return ones. Making sure your site and content are visually stimulating and interesting is just one way to do so. Even if your site runs as perfect as a well oiled machine can, if it looks old, outdated or ugly, people are not going to want to hang around or come back. Visual content is also easier for people to remember over words which is why so many companies work to create memorable logos. 
  • Live Video 
    • In 2020 in general, most people prefer to watch content rather than read it. Beyond that, people seem to prefer to stream that content live than to watch it pre recorded. In a live video, streamers are able to better interact with their audiences. Their audience actually feels as if they’re part of the content being made and it’s that personal touch that really resonates with viewers and potential customers. Creating a brand that people want to interact with, is the key to capturing the loyalty of your demographic. If they see you as something more than just a brand, they’re very likely to keep purchasing your goods or services. Live video is most at home on social media and while you can host your own live videos on your own site, you’re likely to grab the attention of more people by using outside sites, like Instagram, Facebook or SnapChat. 



Find Your Target Market

All these tips are great ways to improve your digital marketing campaign, but they mean nothing if you don’t know who you’re trying to sell to. Very few products or services appeal to everyone, so it’s important to laser focus in on a specific demographic. How do you find this specific demographic though? Well, for one, that’s where market research comes in. Digital marketing companies like MyCitySocial can help you conduct such research by investigating trends and discovering what types of people seem to be purchasing your product and service the most. Having customers complete surveys is another great way to figure this out as well as hiring focus groups. Once you know who you want to target to sell to, the next hurdle becomes devising a strategy to appeal to this specific market. Once again, this is where digital marketing companies like MyCitySocial come in. We know how to appeal to people and will help you come up with a foolproof plan to market your goods or services. Don’t hesitate to talk to the best social media marketing Florida has to offer and give us a call today.



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MyCitySocial is the best SEO company in Tampa, Florida and we’ve been helping businesses small and large for close to five years. We will transform your business’ website from an “online billboard” to a “conversion machine.” We believe there’s a right way to do things and promise to never take any shortcuts to get there. Let us help you discover your Target Market, or if you’ve already discovered them let us show you how to better appeal to them with a hyper focused marketing plan, that’s sure to bolster sales. As a leader in the world of digital marketing we provide a multitude of services including but not limited to SEO, digital marketing, social media, influencer marketing and web development. We’re a company that Florida locals trust, so stop wasting 2020, and call us today. 



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