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When it comes to digital marketing, it is all about the exposure your company and brand gets. Without exposure to new customers and new platforms, your business will never continue to grow. In fact, there’s a good chance it will become stagnant and even possibly decline. This is why making sure your message is seen across multiple platforms is crucial to ensuring your campaign is successful. However, a lot of times companies aren’t aware of how to make these happen. Optimizing a search with keywords isn’t enough to make sure it gets picked up on more than just Google, but according to a PPC specialist all of that is about to change. Thanks to Youtube when you optimize your text ads for Google they are now able to be seen on the mega video site. If you’re still not sure how to take full advantage of this new tool it may be time to call in a digital marketing agency to help with your campaign. If you’re in the Tampa area, MyCity Social may be the marketing partner you need. Over the years they have become known to provide the top SEO Services Tampa businesses trust the most. Not only can they help you understand the ways of the digital marketing industry and how to successfully craft a marketing campaign, but also how to make sure your message is getting seen across multiple sites and reaching as many people as possible to grow your customer and client base.


Getting You Text Ads Seen On Youtube: Advice From A PPC Specialist

According to the SEO Services Tampa locals trust getting your message across multiple platforms is the only way to ensure your brand and company are reaching as many people as possible. Two of the biggest websites that are used by potential customers are Google and Youtube. Digital marketers and SEO specialist already know how to optimize for Google searches; it has been the bulk of their job for at least the last five years. However, YouTube has been left for only the companies who use video advertising as a digital marketing strategy, but what is this didn’t have to be the case anymore? According to research new developments are now allowing text ads, optimized initially for Google, to extend onto Youtube, which will present them to people who wouldn’t otherwise see them. All of this is thanks to new features such as location extensions and call-to-action techniques that are enabling YouTube ads to consist of elements that were only seen in traditional search advertising before now. Along with these new features Google has also started to incorporate YouTube into its search partners network.


After hearing this you may be wondering what exactly this means for you, your business, and the way you structure your digital marketing campaigns and your search engine optimization. What will happen is when your text ad campaigns are put into Search Partners there is a chance you text ads may pop up on a YouTube search results page. This will happen when a user puts keywords into the YouTube search bar that are relevant to your campaign. It doesn’t matter that they are searching for a video with related keywords; it just matters that they used them. Now, of course, there is a caveat when it comes to this new advancement at this point in time this new feature will only happen on YouTube’s mobile site. Text ads aren’t yet able to be seen on the desktop version of the platform. Although this may not seem like a big deal, what it does mean for you and your brand is that you need to make sure your campaigns and ads are optimized for mobile searches. If they aren’t, it will be impossible for YouTube to display them even if relevant search terms of typed in. If you aren’t already optimizing for mobile searches, which you should be, you may be wondering if the chance of your ad showing up is worth it. According to YouTube it has been testing and researching with this option for a few months now. On average, the results have indicated that text ads that appear on YouTube mobile search pages have had just as much success as those that were just found on Google on a cost-per-conversion basis. What this ultimately means is that even on an all video platform, when text ads are presented to the right user at the right time the advertising can be useful, even if it just starts a conversation. It is all about making sure your content is matching the audience and their intent when searching. One downside is that even though YouTube is a part of Google’s Search Partners, there is no way to optimize your keywords or searches for one specific partner website. This means that even if your goal is to get your text ads to appear on YouTube, it is impossible for you to try to use specific keywords to make sure they show up there. You just have to trust that by doing your job Google will do its job and get your ads to show up on YouTube. Another potential problem you may run into with getting your text ads on to YouTube is that promoted videos get preferential treatment on YouTube’s search results pages. Although this may not seem like a big deal what it means for your ads is that as more people use promoted videos on YouTube, there will be less room for traditional text ads.


If you find yourself still questioning whether or not it’s worth your time and effort to try to get your text ads on YouTube there are a few more things you should consider. It is no secret that people of all ages love to binge watch videos whether it’s on Netflix, Hulu, or YouTube constant streaming is the new way of life. Written content is on a steady decline, which means that text ads are getting overlooked and ignored. Now, this doesn’t mean you should do away with them completely, but what it does indicate is that you need to find a different way to present them to potential customers. YouTube has continued to grow rapidly over the last few years thanks to the constant need to watch videos. The website currently has over one billion people logging in monthly. These are active users on the platform, not just people who sporadically log in to check something out and then are gone for a while. These are users who continue to come back day after day to watch videos and content. These specific people are watching more than an hour of content each day they are logging onto the platform. This one hour of viewing is only accounting for time spent on their mobile devices, which was mentioned about as the only place where text ads can be displayed. The engagement seen on YouTube is unmatched by any other platform on the web, even Google. This is because most people, forty-five percent to be exact, won’t read an advertisement that takes them longer than fifteen seconds to get through. What that means for your digital marketing campaigns is that if they’re only seen on Google chances are they don’t get read entirely by potential customers. However, on YouTube users may be more inclined to spend time looking at an ad that is related to the video they were watching.


Even though your larger goal is to get your text ad to show up on YouTube, it is still important that you follow best practices when crafting and creating your text ads, so they rank high enough in a Google search even to be considered by one of the websites in their Search Partners. The first thing you want to do is make sure you write compelling and original copy. Make sure your content focuses on the benefits the user will receive from your service or product. The reason you should be doing this is that users respond to ads that speak directly to their wants and needs. You want to avoid generic language instead use specifics and make sure to include a call to action, so the potential customers feel like they have to do something. Your ads need to provide answers rather than ask questions. The reason this needs to be done is that people come to Google with questions and to find answers if your ad does the opposite you can be sure that people will skim right over it. When creating your ad you want to make sure that your headline will be appealing to all potential customers and is able to grab someone’s attention quickly. Remember if the headline doesn’t appeal to someone they aren’t going to waste their time reading the rest of the advertisement. One way to ensure that potential customers click on your ad is by including numbers and statistics in the headline. It doesn’t matter if it’s the first headline or the secondary one, but having statistics shows the user that your service and company has seen results and they can help answer any questions they have. Make sure you are using ad extensions that work and make sense for your industry and business. You want to make sure that your ads have at least three extensions because ads with multiple extensions have been known to perform better than ads with only a single extension. When you are writing your ads, copy you want to remember that scarcity is something to strive for as well as something you should be cautious of. You don’t want to overwhelm users by presenting too much information upfront. On the other hand, you want to make sure that you are providing enough content that they are both intrigued and informed enough to want to learn more and click on your advertisement. It’s a delicate balance that needs to be learned and perfected. Once you think you’ve created an ad that will be successful across multiple platforms, you want to make sure you test it. When you test your ad, you are making sure that it can captivate your target audience’s attention. Part of the testing process is to make sure that your ads work across all devices. If you create an amazing ad, but it only works on the desktop version of a website you are missing a large portion of potential customers. Most of the time people are using their mobile devices to conduct searches, so it is crucial that your ads are optimized for mobile sites, not just the desktop versions.


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