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While having plenty of content is important for SEO, it’s not good to hoard content and have a messy, overly full blog. It’s important to go through your old or outdated blog posts regularly in order to clean it up, especially in industries such as digital marketing that frequently goes through drastic changes. Miami SEO company MyCity Social is a top SEO and web design company who helps Orlando business owners expand their business. Call us today to grow your online presence and bring in more clients!


Being A Content Hoarder


So why is it exactly that you shouldn’t keep under-performing blog posts or outdated content alive on your site? For your organic rankings, high-performing, quality content is key. Your site’s overall authority with Google could be hurt by keeping old or low-quality content, as it can lead to fewer clicks and/or higher bounce rates. Since both users and Google tend to lean towards fresh content, especially when it comes to news and blog content, the date your blog posts were created are listed in the search engine result pages. If your blog post about Google’s “newest” algorithm update is from four years ago, they’ll probably skip over the information due to the assumption it is outdated. Over time, if people don’t click, Google may assume that the content is not relevant, and your page will probably lose rankings.


Tips From Top Web Design Company MyCity Social


There are just a few things to keep in mind when looking through your content. First of all, look at the total number of posts that your website hosts, then look through your analytics to figure out which blog posts have in the last 90 days received at least one organic visit. Blog posts that haven’t gotten a single visit during that time frame are probably old, outdated, or lacking in quality, and can be redirected, rewritten, or cleaned out. Top Miami SEO companies like MyCity Social subscribe to the philosophy that quality beats quantity, especially in today’s oversaturated market. With so many people pushing content out there, the web is overloaded with content. So many businesses have been encouraged to put out as many blog posts as possible over the past couple years, and this push unfortunately led to a flood of content on the web that is of inferior quality. Churn and burn content ends up making things worse for quality content as they can get lost in the shuffle, which is why it’s so important to prune your blog and make sure that your content is quality and relevant.


The result of so much content is that there is simply way too much sheer content for people to consume on a regular basis, and thus most of this content ends up never seeing the light of day. Of course, new content is still crucial, but sometimes it can be better and more time-efficient for you to improve an existing post rather than pushing out a new one. And again, quality always beats quantity.


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Just like you would clean and re-organize your house, it’s important to keep your website and blog content in order. Top Miami SEO provider MyCity Social is a web design company who helps Orlando business owners grow their online presence. Call us today to expand your business!


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