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Do you want to grab the attention of your website’s users or establish an excellent user experience? When designing or redesigning, it’s important to remember that high-quality website design is essential. How do you ensure that your website typography, layout, color, and other design elements constantly keep you in the heart of your users? Read on to find out! However, if you reside in Tampa and need website design services from accredited designers to help you get an edge over your competition, reach out to our professional team today at MyCity Social! As an esteemed SEO company, we offer excellent web designs that attract your audience and convert them to leads.

How To Get The Best Website Design Ideas

Your website must be a unique reflection of your specialty and brand. Thus, you should pay close attention to it. The journey of your web design is easier if you are willing to explore. What do we mean? While your creativity must go into the design you are picking, pay attention to what successful websites are doing and what they have done to capture the attention of their users, and most especially how they attracted your attention. This knowledge will help you to look beyond your interests. To do that, it means you should check out the designs of successful websites for ideas. These designs can be inspirational! They can offer insight on how to incorporate a unique design that fits your brand. But how do you get started? We have outlined ten examples that will inspire your creativity so you can come up with a design your users will admire. 

Ten Examples Of Admirable Web Design Ideas

  1. Woven Magazine- This website is all about stories of entrepreneurs and artists. They offer inspiration to millions of dreamers around the globe using a natural, eco-friendly vibe. What is unique about their website? It exudes this similar personality they stand for! It has a simplistic, natural look that makes use of white space to keep every page crisp and clean. Just with a glance, you are sure of the atmosphere they are creating. No doubt, Woven’s site does it well when it comes to brand identity reinforcement. If you own a magazine site or you want to create one, get inspired here. 
  2. Feed Projects- Want an excellent design to help you grab the attention of your audience? Feed Projects is one fantastic website. Unlike woven magazines, Feed Projects is an ecommerce website. If you own an ecommerce website, you’d agree that having a clean, cutting-edge design can be challenging. But Feed Projects does it well. While they have product listings and several functionalities, they still present an ecommerce website that is ultra-clean and has a modern look. They fix their attention on classic and impactful images. And for text, they are limited to vital information and CTAs. When we talk of the site’s navigation, it’s intuitive and simple to use. 
  3. Nowness- Nowness is a website focused on art. And when it comes to reflecting the importance of web design, they do the job so well! They keep the site attractive without distracting users from their content. Striking that balance is also art on its own. You’ll agree that Nowness takes simplicity to its peak. When you get to the website, you don’t need someone to tell you that their specialty is filmmaking. You can see the videos because they are on the website’s homepage. 
  4. Mikiya Kobayashi- If you need to design your website to offer clarity to visitors from the get-go, you need inspiration from Mikiya Kobayashi. What makes Mikiya Kobayashi stand out? The moment you land on the page, you will find a giant picture of the artist. If you continue scrolling, you’ll come across a grid of images. With no clutter or guesswork, you’ll know what the site is all about. The design of Kobayashi’s website is an incredible example of how minor design elements can impact a website’s general appeal. 
  5. Game Changers- The majority of people who consider homepage design think in terms of tiles and squares. But with Game Changers, that’s a different ball game. They are willing to break the mold and go beyond the norm. They lose the tradition of standard web design to get noticed. Nothing minimalist or subtle on the theme used, but when visitors reach the website, they are instantly smacked in the mouth with a jaw-dropping fast-paced video on the homepage. It’s indeed a sports-centric website that stimulates and conveys excitement. 
  6. Tej Chauhan- This site uses a unique feature. Before you land on the static homepage, the website plays through a fast-paced slideshow of Tej Chauhan’s products with a futuristic appeal. This website effectively communicates the web purpose instantly and at the same time engages visitors with its dynamic slideshow. While they rate it as an attention grabber, the website implements modern styles. And finally, with its layout, you can comfortably identify the branding. The idea of incorporating a slideshow is still unique, so you can take advantage of that before it becomes commonplace. 
  7. Gary Sheng- Gary Sheng inspires many web owners that they do not need a fortune or an exorbitant graphic designer to have a high-quality design. This website starts with exactly what happens when you meet someone for the first time: A face and a name. From the start, it’s not difficult to know who you are reading about on the page. Another excellent feature of the website is that navigation is minimal. It is a classic scrollable page, yet it contains all the information that you need. It maintains that you do not need a complex structure to give something professional. 
  8. APPS- Another website that thinks of a more adventurous approach is Apps. As a hard cider brand, the website is an interactive tour of their products. They implement guided interaction to immediately infuse visitors into the production process and explore how they make them. This design serves two unique purposes. First, it draws the user’s attention and enhances engagement. So, it keeps a visitor glued because they are willing to see what’s next on the dial. And more to it: It might move a visitor to invest in the brand.
  9. The Everywhereist- As a personal blogging site, this website embraces clever designs. It is an incredible example of implementing simple graphic design elements. With simple navigations, the website builds a consistent and unique brand identity. The Everywhereisit’s design also reflects something else: It shows that the website is a women’s journal. It matched the web design with products on the website to inform users what they do from the start and reinforce the brand excellently. The website is clean and incorporates a responsive design that pairs well. The design handles two needs – mobile and desktop versions. This design keeps users engaged and aids SEO.
  10. Case 3D- This website has dynamic imagery that instantly captures a visitor’s attention. As an architectural design firm, the website has a simplistic design on the homepage and features jaw-dropping scenery and photography. Another impressive design element of this website is the loading animation. While you wait for the web to load, you have captivating animations that keep you glued. The loading animation allows the user to stay, signaling that they will soon see the content. 

The Next Line Of Action

Is this article suggesting that you copy someone else’s web design? No! We frown at that idea. Instead of copying, you should only glean some design tips and ideas, so you can create a creative and fancy website that attracts both young and old. What should be your line of action? First, analyze the type of website you own. Is your website for art, architecture, music, blog, magazine, or ecommerce? Then explore one of the examples listed here. Also, take note of the website’s unique designs. These ideas can help you find web design ideas that you can incorporate into your site. If you want to make it happen by yourself, carry on and search for a template that works for you or build the design. 

Well, if you are a small business owner, you might find this overwhelming. However, you can produce a design that is as appealing as the ones seen. To ensure that your website’s color, layout, typography, color palette, and other design elements establish an engaging user experience, you should hire a professional web designer. They offer premium web design services that take into consideration your brand identity and user engagement. Do you need a beautiful site that will enhance user experience and create effective landing pages? Then, you should speak with our professionals and boycott DIY website builders. 

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