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Newsletter’s, were previously, a thriving way to market. But the world is changing, the market is changing and demands are shifting. Based on research, only 20% of emails are actually opened. You know what that means? 80% of them are trashed without a thought. That’s because consumers don’t want your spam mail. Think of all the emails you get that you’d rather not. It’s unnecessary and there’s a better way!

I know there are a select few thinking, “20% is still a market that you are reaching,” and you are correct! If you have the money and enough organic emails to make it worth your while, do it! As for the small businesses that are still growing, on their hustle and trying to find ways to enable their business while saving money, this is the way to go.

Not only that, think of all the time and work it takes to build a significant database of emails. Depending on how many you were able to accumulate at any point in time, you’re limiting the possible reach you could have, if you had a blog.

Buying emails. Let’s not pretend it doesn’t happen. We’re all adults, here. There are times and purposes for this, sure! Launch parties, huge reveals and special occasions are some of them. Buying emails so you now have a reason to blast your audience on a weekly or monthly basis, is not. Now, the name of your business will be associated with that annoying intruder that’s made it’s way into my inbox. That’s not the kind of feedback you’re looking for, is it?

“Why a blog,” you ask? A blog is essentially providing you exactly what you’re trying to achieve with a newsletter and then some! It’s bringing people to your site to click, read and interact with your brand. It also increases your SEO. Guess what that means? When you mention certain topics, keywords, trends or people in your article, you’re tapping into a whole other network of people, following the same topic, keyword, trend or person. If your blog is good, and it should be, you’re no longer begging them. They don’t have to go out on a limb and open an unknown email and click through to get to you.

Consumers to come to your site when you give them a reason to. They’ll be clicking down the screens to read your latest post. The greatest gift you could give to your consumers is genuine content. This is content that has been loved and taken care of. Hire a badass writer and make a freelancer writer’s dream come true. They’ll be sharing their voice with you as you share your platform with them. There are so many writers out there, just looking for someone to pick them up. Focus on the abundance that surrounds you. Ask a friend to refer you. Find someone you vibe with, who also believes in your product and you’ll get the results you’re looking for.

Krystal Ariel, Contributor.
Storyteller/Yoga Enthusiast/Music Junkie


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