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Are you familiar with the newest trend hitting the marketing industry? We are talking about chatbots.

As technology continues at a rapid pace, a new wave is hitting businesses that are showing great results. There are many advances that we can take advantage of. The experts at MyCity Social are here to explain exactly what these bots are and how they will help your business grow and thrive. We are the best SEO company Miami.


What Are These Bots?

Think of Siri and Alexa. They are everywhere! Technically, they are both considered a chatbot. They are quickly rising as a new “voice” in consumer communications. These talkative computer programs respond to texts or digital chats, effectively carrying on conversations with the humans on the other end. It is through all the future based movies you have seen as a child are finally coming true. Robots are here to save the day.


They are all the rage right now. Facebook has them, and it seems like every computer coder wants to make them. But what are they? And why is every company suddenly hot on this new artificial intelligence trend? These bots are simple systems that users interact with through text. These interactions can be either straightforward or complex. Trust our SEO company Miami, to provide all the information you need regarding these unique bots.


How Do Chatbots Work?

The way they work really depends on the way they are programmed. The most typical form is rules-based. These type of bots are very similar to automated customer service lines because they guide consumers through a decision tree model. However, since then these bots have manifested to handle a broader range of tasks.


What do these bots do for marketing? While a rules-based chatbot was primarily designed for customer service triage, the evolution of a chatbot makes them ideal for marketing or as an alternative way to distribute media. If they are scripted well, these bots can mimic a conversation with a customer in a tone that reflects the brand’s identity.


The most common use of a chatbot right now is in customer service and online ordering, where it can automate customer issues or complete orders without human interaction.


Experts say to not look at chatbot as a simple messaging service, though. A chatbot today is designed to not only perform natural language understanding but are also able to perform cognitive service functions such as:

  • Speech to Text
  • Computer Vision
  • Language Recognition and Translation
  • Content Moderation
  • Speaker Recognition
  • Text Analytics


Expert Christi Olsen of the popular search engine Bing states, “Brands need to look at chatbots as the stepping stone to building their own digital assistant – one that understands the questions that are asked and provide an insightful answer along with conversational follow-up.”


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