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When businesses are looking to sell more products, they look for online sites to sell them on. For example, most stores sell through Amazon, which is a great platform that gets them a lot of traffic. However, companies who ignore their ranking on Google to concentrate solely on Amazon’s search algorithm are making a huge mistake! Sure you can gain a ton of traffic on Amazon alone, but utilizing another search engine like Google can bring additional hits to your products. On top of that, most Amazon sellers don’t think to use the powers of Google, which means there is an untapped market available to your business. Trying to navigate the ins and outs of e-commerce is a difficult task for a lot of business owners, which is why it’s a smart idea to get expert advice and help when you’re trying to make these decisions. If you’re in the Fort Lauderdale area, the company you need to go to is MyCity Social. They are a leading digital marketing company that offers SEO services Fort Lauderdale natives trust.


How To Use Your Ranking on Google To Sell Products

If you’re a company that is trying to sell products to the masses, you should be making sure you are doubling your chances of getting seen by working every angle possible and utilizing every resource available. This means that in order to maximize your traffic and rankings you need to make sure you are discoverable on both Amazon and Google. However, a lot of organizations aren’t sure how to go about accomplishing this goal or at least not how to do both successfully. If you follow the simple steps below your company can come up with an e-commerce plan that will help them use both Amazon and Google to sell products.

  • First Pay Attention To Amazon: Just like Google, you need to optimize for Amazon’s search algorithm. Amazon’s is set up to read customers search behavior and takes that into account when products get ranked. For instance, the conversion rate of a product plays a vital role in where it shows up in an Amazon search. What this means is that even if you’re driving traffic to a product listing, but not converting while customers are viewing it you’re missing out not only sales but also in Amazon rankings. Before you can worry about your rankings on Google, you need to make sure that your product is ranking high in Amazon searches by making sure there is rich content in the product listings. In order to do this, you’re going to have to do a little research to find out what content people are searching for and how to captivate their attention.


  • Add a Link on Another Site: To increase your chances of having Google users go to your page, you need to add the link on an indexed website. The best option for this is obviously your own site, but it doesn’t have to be. The only thing you need to make sure of is that the link is not an affiliate link, which are links that contain a vendor’s specific URL and ID. Accidentally including one of these links can ruin your chances of having this simple step work.


  • Provide Links To Your Products All Over: When a new product gets added to Amazon there is no page authority at all, there is nothing there that will make it rank highly in their search. In order to do this, you need to provide links on other websites that will draw people to your product page. However, the links that you are placing need to be quality links to ensure that your page authority goes up. Doing this requires the same care and precision as any other search engine optimization technique. Many SEO services Florida natives trust have used this strategy and seen great results. There have been high jumps in traffic when companies concentrate on link-building strategies. While doing this, it is important to remember again not to use affiliate links. If Google catches affiliate links trying to move traffic to a page, it will be more likely to penalize that site instead of ranking it higher in a search, which will ruin and reverse all your hard work.


  • Pay Attention To Your Title and Description: One downfall of trying to optimize for both Amazon and Google is the way they rank title descriptions. In terms of Google, they prefer titles to be at seventy characters for their desktop site and seventy-eight characters for mobile. On the other hand, Amazon auto-generates for ones that are significantly larger and if your company doesn’t take this into account, your rankings on both sites can be hurt. If you try to accommodate for Amazon’s algorithm first, as we suggested before, you can be well over the limit for Google’s, which is a difficult position to be in because you don’t necessarily have control of the title that is created for you by Amazon since it is auto-generated. A trick to avoid this situation when you’re creating your product title make it shorter and add the extra detail in the product description. That way when Amazon creates your title description, it will still fall within Google’s guidelines.


  • Be Aware of Meta Descriptions: Creating a meta description for a product can be tricky. You want to make sure that you provide enough information to attract people to your product, but at the same time staying within guidelines. For Google, a meta description has to stay between 150-160 characters on their desktop site, but on their mobile site, it’s even shorter between 110-120 characters. Again Amazon auto generates their meta descriptions from the title of a product. Most of the time on their site meta descriptions are able to go up to 300 characters. This is where it can get complication when you’re trying to create your title and need to leave details out for Google. Since Amazon creates meta descriptions from titles, you want to make sure that there is enough detail for them to pull so your products meta description makes sense and gives potential customers enough information.


  • Conduct A Comparison Study: Like any SEO or digital marketing strategy doing your research is an easy, but vital step in creating a successful plan. When you conduct a comparison study, you are looking at things that your competitors are doing and how they are ranking on Google and Amazon. All you need to do is open a private browser (this is important because you don’t want your searching to help boost their rankings, views, and traffic), search for terms that are related to the ones you want your product to show up in, you need to look at both Amazon and Google to make sure you are getting the full picture and results. You want to pay attention to the information they’re using and getting as a result. Also, you need to understand that if you have products in different categories, things may change depending on the category of the product. Finding out what works already and what doesn’t is an essential part of making a plan. Why should you have to recreate work that has already been done, conducting this research can lead you to easier decision making.


Getting traffic to your Amazon store from off-Amazon site provides a unique opportunity not only to boost your rankings, but it will also differentiate your brand as well as provide a number of opportunities to gain new customers. Driving traffic from other sites allows you to remove your products from listings with your competitors and bring customers directly to your items. This could ultimately lead to an increase in sales because instead of your consumers seeing your products next to your competitors they are being brought directly to your store where only your items are shown.


E-commerce shoppers make a buying decision within a few minutes, and they don’t tend to shop around. They search for what they’re looking for, read a few titles and descriptions, and make their decision. So there are some steps you need to take to make sure you are optimizing your products.

  • Titles Make a Difference: Make sure your title clearly describes what your item is and why it is compatible with what the buyers are looking for. It also needs to make it clear what the product is used for or what it’s primary benefit is. You also need to accomplish all of this while making sure your title isn’t too long or too short.


  • Bullet Points Are Key: Using bullet points in your description is critical, they serve as the elevator pitch for your products. Because of this, you need to make sure that they touch on all of the key areas your customers need to know right up front, so they don’t have to scroll too far down the product listing. Mentioning things like a warranty, customer service access, or troubleshooting techniques could be a great way to provide the answers they need to make their purchasing decision. Just like with titles it is important to pay attention to the length of your bullet points. You don’t want any that are more than a few lines long because customers won’t read them entirely.


  • Picture This: You want to make sure that the picture your pick for your main photo clearly shows your product without the need for zooming in. You also need to include additional images that display additional angles of the item as well as the item being used. Having lifestyle imagery in your product’s gallery allows your customers to imagine themselves using it in the same way in their everyday lives. If your product comes in a box, it’s also a smart idea to have a picture of the box in the gallery so consumers can see the ingredients and directions.


  • Pay Attention To the Description: Remember e-commerce shoppers are skimming the products in order to make a decision. So if your description is a paragraph long, it probably won’t be effective and will end up getting skimmed right over. Make sure you are using your brand voice to describe your product and vocalize the key selling points that will help customers understand why they need to pick your product, and they need to pick it now.


  • Don’t Overuse Keywords: It is important to incorporate keywords into your product description and page, but trying to overload them with keywords is not going to work. It could actually end up hurting your rankings because it will take away from the rich content that Amazon’s algorithm is looking for.


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