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If you’re in the digital marketing industry, it’s natural to be worried about trends for the upcoming year, so you know where to spend money and where to cut back. Sometimes it’s easy to figure this out on your own, and other times it’s a little more challenging to figure out where you could be spending your more or concentrating your efforts. If you don’t already have an agency that is helping you understand the ins and outs of the digital marketing world it is essential to find one that you feel comfortable working with and taking advice from. Even if you are an expert in the industry, the companies that handle search engine optimization will have more insight into the trends that are staying strong in 2019 and ones that are starting to become less popular. If you’re in the Fort Lauderdale area, MyCity Social is the agency you need to call for any PPC management services you need. They will not only offer you advice and insight into the world of SEO, but they will also sit with you to create a plan of execution. These are the reasons, along with the results they deliver, that they are the SEO agency Fort Lauderdale natives trust the most with their marketing.


Why PPC Management Services Are Important

Year after year companies debate and argue about where to spend their marketing budget in order to make the most money. Some believe in following trends closely while others tend to be more risk takers. No matter which side of the debate you fall on it’s important to have the right background knowledge to make the best decision possible for you and your company about where to spend your advertising budget. This is best done by sitting down with an SEO agency Fort Lauderdale locals depend on, but if you want to try to figure it out on your own reading the information below could offer a good amount of insight into which platforms may be worth the money.


According to recent research media spending on search engines and social platforms is projected to continue rising throughout the new year. However, this growth isn’t unanimous across all platforms. It is specific to only certain sites. Media spending will continue to increase among websites like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, and LinkedIn. They are estimated to see the most significant gains throughout 2019 in terms of ad spend revenues. Although all of these platforms are set to be on the upward swing Google and Facebook are said to be ahead of the curve even more than the others. Within the mix is also YouTube. Despite the fact that it’s not projected to see as big of an increase as the other sites, companies are expecting to spend more money on advertising on this site as well.


Ironically Facebook ranked in the top three sites where companies are increasing advertising spending as well as where companies are cutting spending. Sixty-seven percent of companies that were surveyed said they were expecting to see an increase in their Facebook spending while seventeen percent are forecasting cuts to their Facebook ad budget. One of the main reasons people believe there will be some advertising cuts with this platform is because of their ongoing troubles with data privacy, ad measurements, and transparency. These concerns make it hard for companies to allocate money for Facebook ad spending because they have lost trust in the sites dependability which leaves advertisers looks for alternative marketing channels.


Although they are newer to the scene, Amazon and LinkedIn have found a comfortable spot in the top five platforms people want to advertise on. Amazon’s growing popularity of the last few years has made more than sixty percent of companies forecast they will be increasing their ad sales on the site while fifty-two percent of companies are investing in LinkedIn ads. One of the reasons these two sites are seeing an increase in ad spending is because both platforms have invested their own money into more sophisticated targeting and measurement capabilities. This means that companies are able to trust that their ads are being seen by the appropriate audience, which will, in turn, reward them with healthy profits. Of all the companies that were surveyed and spoken to less than four percent said they were planning on cutting their spending for Amazon ads and eighty percent of the companies that are already advertising on Amazon said they plan to not only continue advertising with them, but they are actually planning on increasing their budgets for the e-commerce platform in 2019.


Of course, other platforms offer advertising opportunities even though they aren’t as popular as the ones mentioned above. Thirty-two percent of companies said they are expected to increase their spending on another search engine instead of Google, Bing. However, twenty-two percent of companies said they plan on cutting ads on the search platform and reallocating the money to advertise somewhere else. On top of this, more than one in five agencies expect to see cuts with Twitter ads as well.


Outside of the websites, there are other advertising opportunities that companies should be considering — for example, Spotify and Pandora. In previous years Pandora was easily the better option when it came to advertising opportunities, but with its growing popularity and increased number of users, Spotify has begun gaining traction over Pandora. Twenty-eight percent of organizations are planning to increase their Spotify ad budget while only ten percent of companies are giving more money to advertising on Pandora.


When it comes to other marketplaces the extra attention and money that Amazon is receiving doesn’t seem to be pulling any away from other marketplaces. Twelve percent of agencies are planning on increasing their ad spending on eBay, while nine percent are expected to up their budget with Walmart and Jet.com. Some other marketplaces were getting attention from companies, but it came out to be less than twenty percent choosing to advertise with them.


Although it is a safe option to go with the biggest platforms when advertising is concerned, it may not be a bad idea to consider other options that are available to your company. For instance, sites like Quora and Reddit are slowly becoming more and more popular with users and are beginning to gain more traffic every day, which means you can still reach your target audience even if it’s not as quickly as it would be through a platform like Google, Amazon, or Facebook. Despite the slower speed, these sites offer advertisers new and less expensive marketing options than the bigger more popular platforms. It is a good idea to redirect a little of your budget to sites like these because they won’t only give you access to new customers, but they could put you ahead of the curve in regards to advertising trends. The companies that are dedicating part of their budget to these smaller networks are definitely going to see some opportunities and benefits that the others are missing out on.


If you’re a small business owner who is looking for advice on where to spend your advertising budget, it is crucial for you to consider social media advertising. A recent study has shown that investing in social media ads particularly video advertisements is imperative to the growth and success of smaller businesses in 2019. Of the group that was surveyed forty- six percent of the consumers said that they watch more video ads on social media than they would on TV, which was a surprising statistic since on social media you have to voluntarily watch an ad rather than on TV where a commercial just comes on. Also, seventy-three percent of the same consumers said that when it comes to making a purchasing decision, their choices have been directly impacted by a brand’s social media advertisements. Video ads on social media are the number one way that customers get information about a new brand or product before seeing it in stores or purchasing it. Last year Instagram stood out as the number one purchasing driver for consumers and this trend is projected to continue into 2019. This social media conglomerate has been showing the most growth year over year over any other platform. Despite these findings, consumers still rank Facebook and Youtube as their first and second choices for watching social videos from a brand. However, the difference is these two websites are where customers voluntarily go to look up a brand and watch their videos where Instagram is the platform where brands can organically connect with consumers.


There is no denying that videos are quickly becoming people’s favorite way to gain new knowledge and information about brands, but there are still reasons companies should be skeptical and cautious when they are spending their advertising money towards them. Creating quality videos from scratch is extremely time-consuming even when employees have the background knowledge and skills to operate the complex equipment and software. Also, the software or apps that are required to create these high-end videos could also become expensive for your company to have. Some have annual fees ranging anywhere from $100 to $500 dollars depending on the software package you chose. On top of developing quality videos, small businesses need to be concentrating on and finding ways to do more than merely creating brand awareness campaigns. They have to find ways to show potential consumers the products and services they offer and why they are the right choice for them. Even if a small business has an exceptional website, the truth is that over thirty percent of customers will look at a brand’s social media presence before they even look up their website. This means that social media can make or break a purchasing decision so if small businesses aren’t putting aside money for social media advertising, they are making a big mistake.


As a whole online paid advertising is a long-term strategy and investment for any company. When you think about it, everyone has some type of gadget in their hands at all times. Whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop you are continuously connected to the internet at all times of the day. For businesses, this means that thanks to technology consumers are always accessible and available to connect with at any moment of the day. It also allows your ads to reach beyond your physical location across the country or even across the world.


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