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MyCity Social social media services
What is social media marketing? And, why is it important?
Marketing is one of the most important elements of doing business. This activity is constantly changing, but it seems that
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MyCity Social and social media engagement
Goals for social media marketing – how to increase number of followers and engagement?
There is no doubt that social media presence is important for any serious business today. Most businesses have profiles on
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MyCity Social email marketing
What Email Marketing Will Look Like in 2016?
The New Year has already started and the holiday season is finished. It is quite logical to expect some changes
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MyCity Social social media marketing services
The Ideal Time to Post on Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn…)
In case you are using social media networks for business purposes, you are probably aware that the time when you
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MyCity Social twitter mobile
A Few Simple Ways to Boost Your Twitter Marketing Strategy
No matter if you are satisfied or completely disappointed from your Twitter strategy, it is always a good idea to
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blogging inside
Why you should ditch your newsletter and start a blog.
Newsletter’s, were previously, a thriving way to market. But the world is changing, the market is changing and demands are
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Why your social media isn’t working. The DOs and DONTs.
It’s a common issue across the board. The small business owner hires someone to handle their social media and after
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