How Instagram’s Algorithms Are Changing and What It Means For Marketing

Instagram is a major part of our lives, with millions of users and promotional opportunities. Instagram marketing has become an essential part of digital marketing, and it’s essential for companies to keep up so that they can maximize their digital marketing. The new instagram algorithm that came last spring has changed the way that digital

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Optimize With SEO For Greater Lead Generation

Are you familiar with the phrase lead generation? Are you aware that it ties into search engine optimization (SEO)? If you are not already utilizing SEO as part of your marketing strategy, you are losing on an excellent opportunity to get more unique leads by bringing more traffic to your website. Here at MyCity Social,

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WordPress Adds Advanced SEO Tools to Improve Your Site!

In today’s internet-driven market, it is essential for businesses to implement digital marketing strategies, both long and short term, in order to stay competitive. An online presence of all kinds, whether it’s social media, website navigation, or email newsletters, is essential for brand-building in order to expand your business. One major component of digital marketing

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Do You Need Local Listings?

When people use search engines such as Google, they will sometimes be given suggestions for local listings. For example, let’s say you are looking for a chiropractor. Without using the term “near me” the search engine may automatically suggest a local business based on their location settings. So, does this mean that you don’t need

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A Guide to Retail Marketing Online

Despite the growing popularity of online shopping, 90% of shoppers are still purchasing their goods at physical stores. And whether they have a good or bad experience, every encounter plays a crucial role in your retail marketing and online reputation. The first thing web searchers see when looking for a niche ‘’retail store near me”

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Custom Tailored SEO Basics for Your Orlando Business

SEO basics can be hard to determine—especially if you are not quite sure what SEO actually is. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it helps your business rank in Google (or some other search engines) top results. Being on the first page for search results is like buying a ticket for the lottery. Your

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Aligning SEO & Social Media Marketing Strategies

SEO and Social teams are two different limbs of the same creature, and need to operate together in order to move forward with optimal online marketing. The role of social media in SEO continues to expand, and social media marketing may even become the frontrunner as it intertwines with SEO. There are many benefits to

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How A Google Algorithm Update Affects Your SEO Strategy

Technology grows exponentially in a fast-paced snowball of updates and changes. Every single day, something changes in technology and data science, and because our businesses rely so much on the various aspects of digital marketing, every change in this field can impact your online presence and ultimately your business. Search Engine Optimization is largely dependent

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The Skinny on Do-Follow & No-Follow Links

The terms Do-Follow and No-Follow links can seem confusing and highly technical. These are simply SEO terms that clarify different types of links. SEO services utilize such data to analyze your web traffic and optimize the amount of visitors to your site in order to help you expand your online presence. Link building services are

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